5 Personal Paleo Benefits

Adopting a Paleo lifestyle can sort of rock your world. Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced since going Paleo. “Correlation not Causation!” you cry? I’ll let you be the judge…

1. Food Tastes Better1950s housewife cooking a healthy meal.
I’ve transitioned from one type of picky eater to another. Back in my SAD (Standard American Diet) days, I was picky in the sense that I judged food by our modern, processed, over-sweetened, salty standards. I loved junk. Straight up meat and vegetables (what a concept) tasted blah. I scorned salads, with the simple statement of “I don’t like lettuce.” When I did eventually start eating those leafy green concoctions (pre-Paleo), I did so via an exuberance of salad dressings. With Paleo, however, unadulterated food, sans enhancers of any sort, tastes wondrously flavorful in its “pure” form. I now adore that which I once loathed: broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, etc. It’s like removing the cloudy makeup to reveal the beauty underneath.

2. Improved Eyesight
Historically, my annual eye prescription would remain the same or slightly worsen. Once I went Paleo, I was shocked to find my eyesight actually improved at my exam. I didn’t know that could actually happen….

2. Loss of Sweet Tooth
Although I had long cut out sugar pre-Paleo, I nevertheless clung to artificial sweeteners, justifying them as low carb. Going Paleo forced me to nix the nutrasweet, splenda, truvia, etc. I can now confidently say my sweet tooth is gone. I never feel the need for a “sweet fix.” The amount of sugar/sweeteners in today’s society definitely desensitizes the tastes buds, and now even vegetables taste amazingly sweet to me.  The other day I had an overcooked (i.e.: sweeter) brussels sprout and thought, “This tastes like candy!” And don’t even get me started on sweet potatoes – they literally taste like cake to me.
Sidenote: See Mark Sisson’s fascinating and thorough post on artificial sweeteners.

3. Clearer Skin
I struggled with terrible acne growing up. A round of Acutane in high school made major improvements in changing my skin type, but I still faced breakouts and less than glorious skin tone. It wasn’t until I went Paleo that my skin really started to shine. Now, I only break out on a case by case situation (i.e.: that time of the month). Fascinatingly, if something non-Paleo slips in, evidence of it may appear on my face.

4. Reduced Joint Pain
I used to suffer lower back pain growing up (from a fall). I recently realized I no longer feel it anymore! Sometimes you don’t immediately realize changes, when the “change” itself is an absence.

5. No More Raynaud’s
Oddly enough, when I initially went low carb and lost weight, I started showing symptoms of Raynaud’s, a condition of unknown origins in which you lose circulation in your fingers/toes in response to cold and stress. I thought I was dying the first time it happened and my fingers turned blue. Now that I’m Paleo, however, my Raynaud’s has disappeared. And I’ve been cold – to the point of tears – MANY times since then. Thank you rain and summer-in-the-winter scenes!


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