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What Is The Perfect Diet?

By melanieavalon / January 7, 2017

Is the perfect diet low carb or high carb? Low fat or high fat? What do centenarians eat? How do genetics and our immune system factor in? Is there even a perfect diet?


What 247 Prisoners Requested For Their Last Meal

By melanieavalon / March 8, 2016

Last week¬†in,¬†Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Your Last Supper Fantasy,¬†I¬†wrote¬†(dreamed) about what I’d have for my last supper – which basically amounted to a LOT of Pillsbury goodies and cheese. But why read that, when you can read¬†Death row nutrition. Curious conclusions of last meals¬†–¬†an entire¬†catalogue¬†comparing the composition of 247¬†actual¬†last meal requests from executed […]


Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Your Last Supper Fantasy

By melanieavalon / February 29, 2016

Who doesn’t love the random questions game? That thing you do with your bored friend, family member, or potential love interest, typically on a scale of¬†“What’s your favorite color?” to “What’s your deepest, darkest secret?” And somewhere in the middle lands, “If you only had one meal left, what would you eat?” When this comes […]


2015 Reflections: Is Anything Certain?

By melanieavalon / January 1, 2016

2015 was an amazing year in my health and fitness journey. I think the best day was the moment¬†The What When Wine Diet¬†hit #1 for all Paleo books on Amazon. I almost cried. Beyond that,¬†I connected with so many people through the¬†book and blog, and am so motivated to continue research and writing. I’m about […]

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