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Hi friends! Ok, I really like Disney (EPCOT!), Christmas, grass-fed steak, and (organic) wine. Also fairies, chivalry, non-humidity, good hair days, laughing, crying, and all things that sparkle. But to keep things more relatable, here's all the food/health/biohacking/life-related stuff I'm #obsessed with, and which I totally suggest you consider getting as well! Note this page is a perpetual work in progress! Also, I only list products throughout this website that I genuinely use and love. Some of the links are affiliate links, which simply means, if you decide to purchase through the links, I may receive a small percentage which can help make this blog and my podcasts possible!

Get Melanie's AvalonX supplements, formulated and created for purity, potency, transparency, and sustainability! Melanie's supplements contain no toxic fillers, including stearates and palmitates. Amber glass bottles eliminate leeching of plastic into the supplements, our bodies, and planet. Lab tested for contaminants including heavy metals and mold. No common allergens like wheat, soy, eggs, dairy, shellfish, rice, tree nuts, peanuts, or yeast. No artificial colors or flavors.


Get my app Food Sense to tackle your food sensitivities! Reactions to various “natural” compounds in foods can often create an array of health problems, from the GI tract to skin issues to neurological and hormonal imbalances. Food Sense helps you identify your potential food sensitivities and minimize food reactions. It includes an easily searchable catalogue of 300+ foods, revealing the general levels of amines, histamines, glutamates, oxalates, salicylates, sulfites, and thiols in various foods, as well nightshade status. It also features an overview of these various compounds, including typical reactions for those sensitive, and lists of foods high and low in them, as well as the ability to create your own personal lists, and quick instant access to the levels of these compounds for anything you may eat!

Check out my Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast interview with Dry Farm Wines founder Todd White, all about what's really going on in commercial wines, and how to best pair wine with intermittent fasting!


This bike uses REHIT and AI technology to give you all the benefits of extensive cardio exercise, in 6-8 minutes, a few times per week! Increase your VO2 max, enhance your lipid levels, reduce blood sugar and HBA1C, burn fat, and more! Use the code melanieavalon for $100 off at carolbike.com


These amazing, affordable at-home red light therapy infrared devices are EPIC for health, inflammation, water retention, skin tightening, sleep, cellular rejuvenation, and so much more! Using the devices can seriously transform your skin and overall health! Melanie has the mini, and keeps it on her desk while working during the day. She's a bit obsessed!!  Plus, they have a full money back guarantee! Nothing to lose, and *SO* much to gain! If you use the link joovv.com/ifpodcast with the code IFPODCAST, you'll receive a free gift from Joovv!

LUMEN (Measure Carb Vs. Fat Burning!)

Measure your fat or carb burning by the CO2 ratio in your breath! This technology wasn’t easily available to the public until now, with the breath-analyzing LUMEN device! You can get $25 off at the link melanieavalon.com/lumen, with the code MELANIEAVALON25


One of the things I use every single day of my life without exception is blue-light blocking glasses. I've found them to be key for regulating sleep, reducing anxiety, and so much more. I interviewed Andy Mant - founder of BonCharge -  on The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast, and learned so much about why that is (and also how I was possibly wearing my glasses "wrong"!) Plus, did you know the majority of blue light blocking glasses on the market don't block their purported wavelengths, and that you actually want to use different types of glasses depending on the time of day, season, and your personal body? Did you know just a tiny exposure to artificial light can completely offset your circadian rhythm? You do NOT want to miss this fascinating conversation - it might just be a game changer for you!

Use the link MelanieAvalon.com/Blublox with the code MelanieAvalon for 15% off! For every purchase, BluBlox donates a pair of glasses to someone in need!


Sleep is soooo important for health! It is one of the MAIN things I "biohacking," and with these techniques, I've even able to combat my insomia and radically improve my sleep quality! Of course, I always use blue light blocking glasses (see above), blackout curtains (below), my Ooler (below), and red light in the evening galore! 

OOLER:  Use this pad to perfectly regulate your sleep temperature! Get rid of shivers, night sweats, everything!! Melanie will NEVER stop using this one!! Shop at melanieavalon.com/chilisleep with the code CUBE20 for 20% off the Cube Sleep System, OOLER15 for 15% off the OOLER sleep system, and/or CHILIBLANKET10  for 10% off the chiliBLANKET sleep system.

Dr. Kirk Parsley's Sleep Remedy: This is the ultimate sleep supplement!! It was developed by Dr. Kirk Parlsey after years of research and experimentation to naturally restore sleep to the sleep-deprived, insomniac Navy Seals. Rather than knocking you out with drugs, this simply provides the necessary neurotransmitters and nutrients in the perfect amounts to naturally support your body's sleep process. I recommend the unflavored Sleep Remedy Capsule versions, which contain NO fillers! You can start small, and titrate up as needed. (Rather than taking the recommended multi-capsule dosage, I've actually personally found the best effects with a mere 1/4 - 1/3 of a capsule! Oh hey sleep efficiency AND money saving!!) Use the code MELANIEAVALON for more savings. Yey yey. 

BearabySleeping with a weighted blanket mimics the feeling of being held, encouraging more restful, sound sleep! Except they can get hot, which is why they didn't work for me in the past. Then I found Bearaby! It's a weighted blanket that is unlike any other in the market - made completely of sumptuous sustainable materials - you'll never find fillers or beads in a Bearaby Napper. Medical research shows that sleeping under weight makes us sleep and feel better. The Nappers are available in three weights, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb. They have different versions, but I got the Tree Napper which is made from plant-based silky-soft, natural eucalyptus fibers, and specifically cooling! Get it at melanieavalon.com/bearaby

NICETOWN Truly Blackout Drapes for Living Room, Heavy-Duty Full Light Shading Curtain Set with Black Liner Backing: These curtains are amazing. I researched blackout curtains for soooo long, and am SO happy I found these! They block essentially 100% of the light, and are super thick and luxurious, like hotel curtain! They also have no toxic smell!


I originally bought a Sunlighten Solo Infrared Sauna (which is great for apartments and smaller spaces!)  a year ago to deal with mercury toxicity. Little did I know it would be one of the most profound investments in my health of my life, and truly the gift that keeps on giving! As we discuss in  the The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast  episode with Sunlighten founder Connie Zack, not only can a daily sauna session detox your body, relieve pain, strengthen your heart, and even burn calories, sauna is also amazing for immunity! By activating heat shock proteins and raising your core body temperature to an artificial "fever," you can effectively combat viral infections you may have been exposed to that day! And perhaps the best part? It feels amazing! Infrared sauna heats you from the inside out (rather than outside in like traditional heat saunas), giving you all the heat benefits without feeling hot and drained!Want To Bring Your Own Sauna Home??? Get $200 Off Any Sunlighten Cabin Model Or $100 Off The Solo Unit AND $99 Shipping (Regularly $598) With The Code MelanieAvalon At MelanieAvalon.Com/Sunlighten. Forward Your Proof Of Purchase To Podcast@MelanieAvalon.com, To Receive A Signed Copy Of What When Wine!


CBD supports the body's natural cannabinoid system, and can address an array of issues, from sleep to stress to chronic pain, and more! Feals makes CBD oil which satisfies ALL of Melanie's stringent criteria: it's premium, full spectrum, organic, tested, pure CBD in an organic MCT oil carrier! Feals delivered directly to your doorstep.  Go To feals.com/melanieavalon To Become A Member And Get 50% Off Your First Order, With Free Shipping! (Note that this link is case sensitive, and sometimes finicky. If it doesn't work, try copying and pasting in a new browser, and/or typing it in a new browser.)


These grass-fed, pasture-raised organ supplements from New Zealand are simply AMAZING. They contain NO fillers, and technically, they’re “food!” In the Chinese medicine tradition, think of this as “like supports like!” Taking these supplements can help fill in nutritional deficiencies, without the need to actually eat beef organs (for the squeamish among us!) I cannot recommend these enough!!

Use the link melanieavalon.com/ancestral with the code Avalon10 to get 10% off!!


Atrantil: This supplement was formulated specifically for IBS-C, and has been shown to be pariticularly effective for eradicating the methane-producing archaebacteria. For all the details, check out my post: Atrantil Review: Can Tannins, Saponins, And Peppermint Fix Your IBS?


 For nontoxic yet epic and wonderful makeup (including tested for heavy metals!!), look no further than Beauty Counter!!!  Check out my blog post and podcast episode for why it's vital to clean up your skincare and makeup! You can also get on my Clean Beauty email list at melanieavalon.com/cleanbeautyShop with me at Beautycounter.com/melanieavalon , and something magical may happen!


DRY FARM WINES: For the ultimate health and Paleo-friendly wines,  look no further than Dry Farm Wines. I'm obsessed with this company! Ya see,  many wineries (particularly in Europe) implement organic practices without the certification, due to financial costs, lack of need, or even the stigma of “organic” wines. Dry Farm Wines travels the world and conducts lab tests to find small, sustainable wineries which produce all natural, organic wines with no additives or pesticides, and which are low alcohol (<12.5%), sugar free (<1 g/L), and mycotoxin-free! Check out DryFarmWines.com/melanieavalon for more information, and to get a bottle for a penny with your first subscription, shipped straight to your door! #Wine #Winning


After a decade of drinking Bulletproof Coffee, I have switched to Danger Coffee!! This is my FAVORITE coffee! Developed by Dave Asprey, this delicious coffee is free of toxins and mold, and remineralizes your body with 50+ trace minerals! Get 10% off at melanieavalon.com/dangercoffee with the code melanieavalon 

FOODTHRIVE MARKETThis is an incredible resource for getting food and household supplies! They have so many amazing organic food brands (including frozen meat and seafood) cleaning products, etc. It's like Costco meats Amazon Prime meats Whole Foods! Get 40% off your first order at melanieavalon.com/thrivemarket!


Butcher Box provides easy, affordable access to Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef, Organic Free-Range Chicken, Heritage Pork, Wild-Caught Seafood, And More! It's all nutrient-rich, and raised sustainably the way nature intended, shipped straight to your door! Learn all about their practices and the benefits for your health and the environment  at melanieavalon.com/butcherbox. Go To Butcherbox.com/Melanieavalon To Get The Current Offer For Free Meat And/Or Seafood!


In the ideal world, we'd be getting our food from local farmers implementing sustainable, organic, practices. Still, there's a lot to be said for making things #easy. So here are my favorite accessible, go-to meat and seafood brands available in many mainstream stores. Keep in mind that, since both toxins and fat-soluble vitamins are stored in fat, it's more important to buy organic, grass-fed/pastured/etc. versions of meat for fattier cuts. For fish, I recommend referring to the Environmental Defense Fund's Seafood Selector for the fish species currently lowest in mercury, and high in sustainability. Want an extensive lowdown on farming methods and the meaning of labels? Check out What When Wine!

SEAFOOD: Costco's (Kirkland) (Wild Caught) Seafood (I love their Cod, Mahi-Mahi, and Scallops!), Orca Bay (Wild Caught) Seafood , All  wild-caught, low-toxin species frozen fish at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (just check for additives!), Cox's Wild-Caught Shrimp (available at Costco and Whole Foods) NOTE: For all seafood, choose low-toxin species, per the Environmental Defense Fund's Seafood Selector.

The Better Fish Barramundi: My FAVORITE fish!! Australis utilizes sustainable practices to raise delicious barramundi fish with fantastic omega-3 levels, tested to be free of mercury and other toxins! They raise their fish responsibly, paying the utmost care to animal health, employee safety, and environmental sustainability, flash freezing their fish at peak freshness! Their barramundi are easy to cook, and even kids love the mild and buttery taste! You can find Australis Barramundi in the freezer section of many fine grocery stores, including Whole Foods! Check out the betterfish.com for more information, and specifically www.thebetterfish.com/why-barramundi for all the awesome benefits! You can also follow Australis: @thebetterfish on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook! Go To Better.Fish/ifpodcast For An In Store Coupon!


For my recommended Paleo-friendly cooking ingredients (oils, seasonings, flours, sweeteners, stocks, etc.), check out WHAT WHEN WINE RECIPES: Ingredient Recommendations. These come in particular handy when making any of What When Wine's amazing gluten-free 50 recipes created by chef Ariana Resnick!


Audible is my well-known secret for reading #allthebooks #allthetime! Audible provides the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet, in every genre! With Audible, you can listen on any device, anytime, anywhere! We're obsessed! Audible members can choose 3 titles every month (1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals), with rollover credits, easy exchanges, discounts on titles beyond credits, and audiobooks you'll keep forever! Go To Audible.com/IFPODCAST Or Text IFPODCAST To 500500 For A 30 Day Free Trial, Including A Free Audiobook!


I had Emily Fletcher, author of Stress Less, Accomplish Moreon The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast. Emily's extremely approachable meditation technique is THE reason I finally was able to start meditating, and experience its many scientifically supported benefits, including stress reduction, enhanced immunity, and more! You can enroll in Emily's incredible online meditation course with the link melanieavalon.com/ziva. If you use that link and forward your proof purchase to melanie@ifpodcast.com, I'll send you a signed copy of What When Wine!


Coming Soon!

Feline Pine Cat LitterOk... who knew you could be obssessed with litter? Guys. This. Liter. So much love!! It smells like a beautiful pine forest and doesn't track! You don't even scoop it, because it just dissolves into sawdust type stuff, which you toss when it's all dissolved! 

Primal Pets Freeze Dried Pet Food: Simply add water to these these dehydrated, raw nugets if you want to feed your pets super natural, clean food mimicking their natural diet... without having to blend up your own raw meat yourself.


Law Of Attraction Planner: My alltime FAVORITE planner. I re-order it every year, and it is with me 24/7. (Out of everything I own, it probably is with me the most!) It helps you effortlessly keep track of long term AND short term goals, daily tasks, habits, etc. It also has affirmations, motivations, visualizations, and just #allthethings. Cannot recommend enough!! Use the code LOA10OFF for 10% off!

Zebra Glitter Highlighter- Instant joy and happiness every time you use them!!

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse: Switching to a vertical mouse can really alleviate stress on your hand at the computer. Love it!!

Pavlok: Want to break a bad habit? This Pavlok wristband is SUPER effective!! It uses small (but not unbearable) shocks to rewire your brain to associate bad habits as bad things, making you literally have no urge to do them! You can use it for anything, from cravings to negative thoughts to quitting smoking, to anything! Super recommended. Plus it's got a 100% money back guarantee!


After being broken into and having my computers, hard drives, and TV stolen from my apartment, I felt a huge sense of loss, insecurity, and violation. I just want to tell the entire world to get security for your home ASAP! I did a lot of research and chose SimpliSafe. You can cutomize your system to fit your home, and it’s sooo easy to set up! It's a breeze to use, and has an amazing app to keep things monitored!  Unlike other security systems, you own the system once you buy it, and can take it with you wherever you live! They offer monthly 24/7 monitoring, rather than long term contracts. I LOVE it, and can now feel at peace! You can get a FREE camera (worth $99 - I got it, and it’s AMAZING) with my friend offer, at melanieavalon.com/simplisafe


Invisawear:  STAY SAFE WITH JEWELRY! Invisawear makes adorable wristbands, hair scrunchies, keychains, bracelets and necklaces that hide a discreet button that can instantly tell 5 contacts (including 911) your exact location, and get help to you, when you need it! There are no monthly fees with the base service: just install the app and pair with your choice of InvisaWear charm! For extra security, you can add advanced services with ADT, which provides 24/7 personal support. You can even have someone walk you securely to your car or home: they’ll stay on the line with you or text you until you feel you’re in a safe position.   This is incredible for those who work late hours, students, seniors and athletes (joggers, gym, etc.) I chose the Gold Flower Keychain - it is soo beautiful, and I love knowing safety is just a click away!Get 10% Off At MelanieAvalon.com/invisawear with the code MELANIE10 


Project Repat T shirt quilt. Want to turn all those old memorable T shirts into a blanket you can actually use? I LOVE my Project Repat T shirt quilt! In fact, I love it so much, I made a second one!

Lomi: Coming soon!!