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eat whole foods, paleo style for health and weight loss


Eat non-toxic whole foods which encourage health and vitality and discourage degenerative disease. LEARN MORE

intermittent fasting for health and weight loss


Eat in dedicated time-windows to effortlessly burn fat, fuel your body, discourage disease, and live longer. LEARN MORE

drink wine for health and weight loss


Wine boasts a variety of health benefits, and moderate drinking correlates to longevity.                    LEARN MORE

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The Power Of Cold: Resilience, Immunity, Fat Burning, And More!
Embrace the cold to burn fat, boost health, fight disease, and live longer, featuring the methods of Wim Hof!
The Power Of Red Light: Burn Fat, Boost Energy, Revitalize Skin, Grow Muscle, Calm Pain, Sleep Deep, And More!
Learn how red light therapy and the Joovv can charge your cells, revitalize your skin, boost your energy, burn fat, aid sleep, and more!
Keto: Methods, Myths, Magic, And Madness
Should you jump on the keto bandwagon for health and weight loss? Get all the info on carb intakes, ketosis, MCTs, and more!