What When Wine PAPERBACK And New Wine Video!

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I’m excited to announce¬†The What When Wine Diet¬†is now available in PAPERBACK!¬†Check it out!¬†If I learned one thing from the whole process, it’s that books surely don’t write themselves. Oh my.

As I kind of went into a black hole prepping¬†The What When Wine Diet¬†for the print edition, I definitely slacked on the youtube channel. But now that the book is DONE, we’re back to the videos!¬†Check out my new one all about Chardonnay!¬†Chardonnay

The cliff note version:¬†Chardonnay is a good go-to white wine. It is typically light to medium bodied, with low acidity. It often has a buttery base, coupled with a fruity essence! Oaked chardonnays have more intense flavor, spiciness, and/or smokiness, due to being aged in oak barrels (unlike “unoaked‚ÄĚ chardonnays, which are tamer). Chardonnays are also vital for making champagne!

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