What When Wine PAPERBACK And New Wine Video!

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I’m excited to announceĀ The What When Wine DietĀ is now available in PAPERBACK!Ā Check it out!Ā If I learned one thing from the whole process, it’s that books surely don’t write themselves. Oh my.

As I kind of went into a black hole preppingĀ The What When Wine DietĀ for the print edition, I definitely slacked on the youtube channel. But now that the book is DONE, we’re back to the videos!Ā Check out my new one all about Chardonnay!Ā Chardonnay

The cliff note version:Ā Chardonnay is a good go-to white wine. It is typically light to medium bodied, with low acidity. It often has a buttery base, coupled with a fruity essence! Oaked chardonnays have more intense flavor, spiciness, and/or smokiness, due to being aged in oak barrels (unlike “unoakedā€ chardonnays, which are tamer). Chardonnays are also vital for making champagne!

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