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7 Organic White Wines For Under $10!

By melanieavalon / August 17, 2016

I recently discussed the shocking hidden ingredients in wine, and the ambiguity of organic wine labeling. The time has come to jump into the meat drink of the matter: AKA ‚Äď the actual affordable organic wines available. Without further adieu, here are my thoughts on 7 organic white wines which are better for your environment, […]


All About Sauvignon Blanc!

By melanieavalon / August 26, 2015

Check out my new¬†Winning Wine Video¬†for a brief lowdown on the white wine¬†Sauvignon Blanc. While I adore¬†Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc is actually one of my least favorite wines. The phrase often used to describe Sauvignon Blanc is¬†“cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush”… which is just majorly unappealing. Also, Sauvignon Blanc often has a¬†grassy¬†profile, and pairs […]


What When Wine PAPERBACK And New Wine Video!

By melanieavalon / June 25, 2015

I’m excited to announce¬†The What When Wine Diet¬†is now available in PAPERBACK!¬†Check it out!¬†If I learned one thing from the whole process, it’s that books surely don’t write themselves. Oh my. As I kind of went into a black hole prepping¬†The What When Wine Diet¬†for the print edition, I definitely slacked on the youtube channel. […]


The What When Wine Diet Audiobook Now Available!!

By melanieavalon / April 20, 2015

The What When Wine Diet AUDIOBOOK is now available! I actually narrate it! You can get it on:¬†Amazon,¬†iTunes, or¬†Audible!¬†It’s cheapest on Audible at the moment, where you can actually get it FREE if you’re a new member. Enjoy!!


Why You Should NOT Do Dinner On A First Date

By melanieavalon / February 28, 2015

Eating is a biological habit which ensures survival. Without eating, you simply won’t exist for long.¬†Things taste¬†yummy¬†because they provide energy and nutrients, allowing you to live your magical life.¬†This pleasurable aspect of eating, however, has transformed food from a mere survival mechanism, to a form of entertainment. While this is all fine and dandy in […]


Can You Have Your Drink and Drink it Too?

By melanieavalon / July 16, 2014

Most diet plans forbid alcohol. Even Paleo discourages it (oops). I am of the opinion, however, that one must live life to the fullest, and adopt a diet protocol which is both enjoyable and sustainable. Is there a way to have your drink and drink it too? Yes. Alcohol and weight are in an #itscomplicated […]


Wine in a Social Setting: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

By melanieavalon / March 18, 2014

THE GOOD Classy Red Wine connotes instant class. No matter how dive-y/grungy/ greasy/clubby the vibe of your current locale, holding a nice glass of Pinot Noir elevates the situation ever so slightly (unless of course, the whole situation is satire, but that would insinuate some “intelligent” audience watching, who would appreciate your classiness I suppose?) […]


Drinking Wine Preserves Muscle Mass, Blocks Fat Cells?

By melanieavalon / March 7, 2014

While a nice glass of red wine won‚Äôt build muscle or chip away at pre-existing fat stores, it may counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and prevent fat storage! In a 2011 study, scientists trying to find a way to counteract an astronaut‚Äôs lack of exercise, found that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in […]