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The Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #26 -  Noelle Tarr

Noelle Tarr is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to managing the health and fitness blog coconutsandkettlebells.com, she is the host of the top-ranked health podcast, Well-Fed Women. She’s also the creator of Strong From Home, an online home fitness program, and runs her own online wellness practice specializing in an individualized approach to health and fitness. She lives in Northern Virginia, with her husband, two young children, and two boxer dogs.


Coconuts and Kettlebells: A Personalized 4-Week Food and Fitness Plan for Long-Term Health, Happiness, and Freedom


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07:55 - About Noelle 

Why I Don’t Want Six-Pack Abs

Coconuts And Kettlebells 

12:00 - Personal Dietary Approaches, Individuality, Food And Body Image Morality

14:45 - Remembering Past Weights: The Certainty Of The Past

16:30 - Melanie's Personal Diet And Health History 

22:30 - Being Open To Change 

The Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #23 - Dr. Amy Johnson

25:30 - On Acceptance And Letting Go Of Control

28:30 - Burn Out

31:00 - Running Your Business, Family, And Life

34:30 -  The Passion For Work

36:00 - Struggling With Health Issues In The Public Health Sphere 

37:00 - Social Media

38:45 - The Problem With Information Overconsumption 

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41:40 - Setting Boundaries 

46:00 - The Role Of Social Media In Society 

50:00 - The Things We Carry 

58:40 - How Our Mind Affects Our Body Physically 

1:00:00 - Jacqelin - How Do You Share Your Life As A Sensitive Person Or Introvert? 

1:05:00 - When Things Don't Go As Planned 

1:06:45-  Asking For Help

1:08:40 - The Perception Of Stress 

1:09:45 - The Secret To Longevity 


1:11:15- The Top 3 Things For Health That Have Changed Our Life

The Roots Of Consciousness: We're Of 2 Minds

One Head, Two Brains

1:24:10 -Paleo OMAD Biohackers: Intermittent Fasting + Real Foods + Life: Join Melanie's Facebook Group To Discuss And Learn About All Things Biohacking! All Conversations Welcome!

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