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5 Non Toxic Face And Hair Products

By melanieavalon / April 2, 2016

It’s funny how we turn to cleansers, lotions, and cosmetics to boost our radiance, yet simultaneously welcome substances which create aging and degeneration. It’s kinda like wanting to be friends with the token Mean Girl in high school. We also readily freak out about the toxic load of an alcoholic drink or secondhand smoke (and rightly so), […]


How to Lose Post-Pregnancy Pounds (Which Are A Good Thing!)

By melanieavalon / September 21, 2015

I wrote the following article for a guest post and book giveaway at The Practically Perfect Baby website. ( The site is an awesome resource for new parenting tips and tricks, and I’m honored to partner with them!   Pregnancy is a beautiful testimony to how eating, storing, and using fat, are necessary and natural processes promoting […]