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The Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #11 - Brendon Lundberg 

Brendon Lundberg, a previous chronic pain suffer, co-founded Radiant Pain Relief Centres, along with David Farley, MD, a Harvard-MIT trained physician, with a vision to build the safest, most consistently effective and appealing solution to the epidemic of chronic pain.

Combining a mission to change the way chronic pain is understood treated with deep experience in healthcare management, marketing, business development and sales, Brendon and Dr. David Farley opened Radiant Pain Relief Centres in Portland, Oregon, USA, in February 2014. Following the success of the first center, they are laying out a plan for expansion to open new centers in new markets nationally and internationally. 

Their story and vision for the future of pain management can be understood by reading their Amazon Bestselling book, Radiant Relief – A Case For A Better Solution To Chronic Pain. Inc. Magazine called the book, “A Manifesto” and “an epic example of how to create a movement”.

Previous to founding Radiant, Brendon played key operational and business development roles for two Portland-Area Portland Business Journal and Inc. Magazine Growth Award winning companies, and was the Director of Sales and Marketing for another Portland-based medical device start-up. Brendon holds a BS in business marketing and an MBA.


Twitter @radiantrelief


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4:30 - Brendon Lundberg's History 

6:15  - What Is Pain: Pain's Protective Purpose 

8:00 - What Is Chronic Pain?

9:50 - How The Brain Begins To Expect Chronic Pain

12:40 - Pain As Credit Card Debt   

15:15 - Using Pharmaceuticals For Pain

21:10 -  Biochemical Changes Of Pain From Our Perception Of Pain 

22:00 - Hypersensitivity, Expectation, And Feedback Loop Of Pain 

27:00 - The Limbic System Connection To Chronic Health Issues 

29:30 - The Political And Cultural Obstacles In Changing The Pain Paradigm

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41:25 - The Pain Food Pleasure Connection - Why Diet Can't Fix Everything?

43:00 - Scrambler Therapy: Scrambling The Pain Message To Reinterpret Pain

50:40 -  Treatment Success And Further Empowerment For Other Health And Lifestyle Changes

56:00 - Radiant Relief Clinics 

57:05 - How Is The Therapy Implemented? 

1:00:00 - Giving People Their Lives Back

1:02:15 - How Pain Becomes Part Of Your Identity 

1:03:35 - Clinical Studies And Success With Radiant Relief 

1:05:00 - Could This Concept Apply To Other Issues? (IBS, Tinnutis, Anxiety, etc.)

1:11:45- How To Get Radiant Relief

Get A Free Copy Of Radiant Relief


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