Five Ways People React To Intermittent Fasting

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“You’re not eating?”

I dread this question, inevitable on the many long days I spend on sets. I don’t dread it because I’m hungry or even want to eat (I don’t), but rather because I know I’ll have to “explain myself,” and convince interrogators of the following:

1. I do indeed eat.
2. I eat ALOT when I do eat.
3. I’m not hungry while not eating.
4. I do not expereince negative side effects.
5. I’ve been doing it for X amount of time.

The last one is usually what “sells it.” I’ve been IF’ing for 3 years. When I say that, people often say “oh” and stop asking questions. 3 years is a long time. And in my three years of intermittent fasting, I’ve noticed trends in the varying responses to the concept. Identifying the type of Questioner can help the Intermittent Faster appropriately handle the situation.

The Attacker becomes personally invested in a vendetta against the Faster. I don’t really understand this response, as the Faster isn’t intruding on the Attacker in any conceivable form. The Attacker will berate you with reasons that 1. Your metabolism will shut down. 2. You are not healthy. 3. You will die. It is best to just respond calmly with something like “Ok,” and then cease conversation or change the subject.

The Curious is fascinated by the Faster’s method of eating. He or she will ask you question after question. (What do you eat? When do you eat? Aren’t you hungry? Why do you do it? etc.) The Curious is tolerable, assuming you are in a conversational mood.

The Sceptic is highly doubtful of your logic, assuming the questioning mode of the Curious with a tinge of the hostility of the Attacker. The Sceptic will likely dismiss you as crazy at the end of said conversation; possibly dismiss the subject as a “personal choice” which may work; or, rarely, consider researching the topic a bit more.

The Fascinated has just experienced a #mindblown moment, and is potentially open to joining the bandwagon. He or she also assumes the questioning mode of the Curious and Sceptic, yet with a warm and likely supportive enthusiasm.

The Accepter is great. He or she simply says “ok” and shrugs when you delineate your eating plan. I love the Accepter. We need more Accepters in this world.

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