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Is it Possible to Build Muscle on an Intermittent Fasting Plan?

By melanieavalon / May 19, 2016

I’m incredibly honored to bring you today’s post – courtesy of¬†Vit Kashchuk, editor of¬†! Brad Pilon’s¬†Eat Stop Eat¬†is one of the foundational intermittent fasting¬†protocols in existence, and a major inspiration for my¬†book¬†The What When Wine Diet.¬†When they contacted me about writing this guest post, I just¬†about died. Plus, I get asked this question about maintaining […]


I Think I Officially Need To Date An Intermittent Faster

By melanieavalon / January 28, 2016

I have this fantasy. In my fantasy, I’m at some >daytime< social function with beautifully motivated people. While most munch on fancy hor’fevours, I abstain, filling food’s absence with words. Then this beautiful human being approaches me, blending the cold brilliance of Spock with the ethereal agility of Legolas, and the God-like physique of Adonis. […]


Reader Q&A: BulletProof Coffee!

By melanieavalon / January 20, 2016

Ever wonder about that *thing* people do where they put butter in their coffee? Maybe you think it looks gluttonously weird, or perhaps you partake in the ritual itself. I’ve recently received two separate emails on the topic, so figured I might as well tackle the subject once and for all! Oh hi¬†BulletProof Coffee! ¬†Hi […]


5 Ways To Minimize Christmas Party (Weight) Damage

By melanieavalon / December 24, 2015

Who doesn’t love the crescendo of this merry time of year, with all its commercialized cookie cutter Christmas spirit?¬†It’s a time of friends, family, and peace on earth. It’s also a time of indulgences which we write off as collateral damage for next year. After all, what are New Years resolutions for, if not #dealing? […]


Intermittent Fasting Fears: Will I End Up Over Eating?

By melanieavalon / November 10, 2015

A common fear with¬†intermittent fasting¬†is that, by temporarily restricting your eating, you’ll become ravenously hungry and end up overeating¬†way more¬†than you would normally, doing more harm than good. Come meal time, all hell will break lose as you stuff your face to oblivion. Nobody needs that! But is this case? While doing research for my […]


Does Intermittent Fasting Encourage Eating Disorders?

By melanieavalon / November 8, 2015

You’d think the hardest thing about¬†Intermittent Fasting¬†would be the whole “not eating” thing. But actually, the “not eating” thing is kinda a breeze. Due to the metabolic adjustments of intermittent fasting and use of (essentially) never-ending fat as fuel, you actually have NO hunger when fasting. Energy levels soar, you lose weight, all while eating¬†all […]


How to Lose Post-Pregnancy Pounds (Which Are A Good Thing!)

By melanieavalon / September 21, 2015

I wrote the following article for a¬†guest post¬†and book giveaway at The Practically Perfect Baby website. ( The site is an awesome resource for new parenting tips and tricks, and I’m honored to partner with them!   Pregnancy is a beautiful testimony to how eating, storing, and using fat, are necessary and natural processes promoting […]

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