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I Think I Officially Need To Date An Intermittent Faster

By melanieavalon / January 28, 2016

I have this fantasy. In my fantasy, I’m at some >daytime< social function with beautifully motivated people. While most munch on fancy hor’fevours, I abstain, filling food’s absence with words. Then this beautiful human being approaches me, blending the cold brilliance of Spock with the ethereal agility of Legolas, and the God-like physique of Adonis. […]


5 Ways To Minimize Christmas Party (Weight) Damage

By melanieavalon / December 24, 2015

Who doesn’t love the crescendo of this merry time of year, with all its commercialized cookie cutter Christmas spirit?¬†It’s a time of friends, family, and peace on earth. It’s also a time of indulgences which we write off as collateral damage for next year. After all, what are New Years resolutions for, if not #dealing? […]


Does Intermittent Fasting Encourage Eating Disorders?

By melanieavalon / November 8, 2015

You’d think the hardest thing about¬†Intermittent Fasting¬†would be the whole “not eating” thing. But actually, the “not eating” thing is kinda a breeze. Due to the metabolic adjustments of intermittent fasting and use of (essentially) never-ending fat as fuel, you actually have NO hunger when fasting. Energy levels soar, you lose weight, all while eating¬†all […]


Five Common Reactions to Intermittent Fasting

By melanieavalon / September 9, 2015

If you start an intermittent fasting protocol, expect to hear¬†“Ok so why aren’t you eating?”…¬†a lot. In fact, perhaps the hardest thing about starting intermittent fasting isn’t so much the fasting (which can actually be a breeze), but rather learning how to #deal with people’s accusations and questions. People freak out when you don’t eat. […]


Why You Should Kiss Healthy People

By melanieavalon / September 1, 2015

These days, diet is actually a “serious” dating criteria for me. Not because I’m an elitist health snob, but rather because I want to be with someone who values their own health and wellness. Healthy bodies make for happy and vibrant people! (I’m convinced the day I meet a fellow Paleo intermittent faster gentleman, it […]


Why You Should NOT Do Dinner On A First Date

By melanieavalon / February 28, 2015

Eating is a biological habit which ensures survival. Without eating, you simply won’t exist for long.¬†Things taste¬†yummy¬†because they provide energy and nutrients, allowing you to live your magical life.¬†This pleasurable aspect of eating, however, has transformed food from a mere survival mechanism, to a form of entertainment. While this is all fine and dandy in […]

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