The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #183 - Mario Brainovic

Mario Brainović, CEO of New Earth Technologies is entrepreneur, researcher and a visionary in the field of health and wellness. For years he ran a successful international advertising agency and a production house. He was always very passionate about health and wellness, about finding natural ways to heal, regenerate and restore the delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. This led him to establish a natural pharmaceutical company that successfully helped many people for years. After a while he came very passionate about water. Realizing its extraordinary significance he established New Earth Technologies, a company that offers the miracle of Analemma Water to the world.

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9:30 - what does analemma mean?

11:30 - how did mario come to work with analemma?

14:20 - has water been different structurally in the past?

15:55 - microplastics

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20:30 - how does unstructured water effect us?

23:20 - the "mother" Water

25:25 - the other types of devices to structure water

26:15 - the process of creating mother water

27:25 - why doesn't it lose its structure?

28:30 - is it the pattern or the molecules themselves that make the structure?

30:40 - glycanAge

36:00 - the twin study

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40:25 - plant studies

44:20 - Rejuvenating land with the analemma wands

44:40 - how to use the wand

45:45 - the analemma is very fragile, 

46:50 - the full home system

47:40 - does showering in structured water make a difference?

48:25 - the stirring of the water

49:00 - making an analemma filter

51:00 - deuterium depleted water

52:30 - making any liquid 'Coherent'

55:50 - is there the opposite of mother water?

57:00 - animal testing

57:45 - how much structured water do you need?

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1:01:50 - making an analemma wearable

1:04:00 - future goals with analemma

1:09:45 - the effect on food production and quality

1:10:50 - Fertilizers

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Melanie Avalon: Hi, friends. Welcome back to the show. I am so incredibly excited about the conversation that I am about to have. It is about a topic that we've touched on the show before, in general, for other aspects, but not for the way we're going to talk about it today. And it's also a topic I love when we talk about something that I think can have profound health implications, that has science behind it, and that has an applicable product that can help listeners integrate it into their own lives. So, people get excited. I am here today with Mario Brainovic. He is the CEO of New Earth Technologies, an entrepreneur, and he has created a super fascinating and potentially incredible product called analemma and we're going to talk about what it is, but it is a device which can do something to your water to help make it more structured and coherent, which might have incredible health benefits.

When I was first exposed to this, I'm always a little bit skeptical of things. So, I really want to know that there's science behind it and I want to have my own personal experience. When they reached out to me, I was very interested to look more into it. It was really excited to see a lot of actual scientific studies that they have on their website. I read all of them, I looked through all of them. I listened to some interviews. I heard what was potentially going on. So, I think there might be something going on here. I am just excited to ask all of my questions. So, Mario, thank you so much for being here and also, thank you so much for being here, because you are in Croatia and it's late for you right now. So, thank you. I'm really excited.

Mario Brainovic: Thank you so much, Melanie, for giving me the opportunity to speak about analemma. This technology is truly revolutionary and I'm really excited to talk about all the studies that we did, all the studies that are happening at the moment and everything that we are planning. This water truly has the potential to really change the world.

Melanie Avalon: I'm really excited. We can get to this later, but one of the studies in particular actually works with something called GlycanAge, which is a biological age measure or system marker. And that's something listeners are probably very familiar with because we talk about longevity on this show all the time. I've had Morgan Levine and David Sinclair. And so, listeners are really into biological age. So, I'm really excited that you guys did a study with that specifically. But before we get to that, I have so many questions for you. One just really quick question. How did you come up with the name? What does analemma mean?

Mario Brainovic: Well, first, I would just like to say that you mentioned at the beginning that my company created the analemma. I just like to say that Dolf Zantinge and Dr Eric Laarakker, two scientists from the Netherlands actually created it. They are the founders of analemma. I joined the team several years ago, and I find several studies and I became the integral part of the team. But I just wanted to give the honor to them because they actually created analemma. So, to say what analemma is, to answer your question is really awesome. We realize that water changes electromagnetically every single day due to position of the Earth towards the Sun. And if you take the picture of the Sun from one point of the Earth for 365 days, you're going to get this beautiful infinity sign on the sky. That sign is called analemma.

Melanie Avalon: Oh, wow. Okay, that's cool. I just learned something. Okay, so, going back, another personal question before we jump in. When you joined the company, was it already called analemma or did you meet these researchers? What was your personal story and have you always been interested in water?

Mario Brainovic: Well, I owned and I ran actually pretty successful natural pharmaceutical company for years. I was always very excited and very passionate about health and bringing people to their highest potential, both physically and spiritually. That led me to running this company. I ran it for years and then in the end, I sold it to Walgreens. And then afterwards I was like, "Okay, if I'm ever going to do something, I really would like a project that would really be something for the highest good of all that will really have a potential to truly, positively impact the planet." And analemma project checked all the boxes. It's incredibly how when you set an intention in your heart, how things start happening. I met Dolf and Eric, and Dave introduced me to the project and I fell in love immediately with it because there is something truly special about water.

People don't realize 99% of our molecules is water. That immediately tells you we're 70% water in mass, but 99% in molecules. So, we are basically very clever H2O. That tells you there is something very, very important about water. The quality, the kind of water we drink has a powerful influence on our overall health and wellness. We actually figured where is the secret. People, when they talk about water, they're talking about chemical composition, filtering, but that's not where the true power of water lies. All the water, due to various environmental reasons and everything, and we've checked really a lot of waters, the H2O molecules in water move chaotically. They're crashing into each other constantly. All of this happens on an atomic level. So, we're completely unaware of it. But there is a way to bring order back into this chaos.

Analemma device or tool, however you call it, the wand, what happens is that when you swirl the analemma through the water is that those same chaotic H2 molecules start to form a liquid crystalline structure. They start to behave harmonically. And through that very unique process, water becomes alive, it becomes empowered, and it can do so much for health and wellness.

Melanie Avalon: So, historically on the planet, like at the beginning, whenever water first appeared, was it different than it is now as far as the structure goes?

Mario Brainovic: Well, this is interesting. We can only hypothesize and our theory is, in early days, not even so very long ago, when water moves in rivers and in creeks, what happens is that there are constant left and right vortexes. It keeps the water in structure. So, when you drink that water directly like pure water, that water exists in a sort of a structure. But now, due to various environmental reasons, EMFs, everything, all the water in planet is in chaos. That's why we actually believe that, let's say, the Mother Earth wanted to bring something that will bring order back into chaos and bring water the way it's supposed to be.

Melanie Avalon: So, thought experiment, if there was a person born, I mean, this is not possible, but born in like a nonpolluted natural place and they were just drinking water from a river, would they, in general, be more coherent and structured the water?

Mario Brainovic: Most definitely, most definitely. So, that's given but as I mentioned, we are not living in that world anymore. So, Mother Earth had to come up with something to deal with the situation. Because we realized, we touched upon EMFs. EMFs really push water back into chaos.

Melanie Avalon: Wow. Okay. I'm reading another book right now for a guest for the show. It's called A Poison Like No Other. It's about microplastics. I did not realize water is infiltrated with microplastics. I wonder what role that might also have as well. Like, we can't see them.

Mario Brainovic: It's there, most definitely. So, chemical pollution of the water is definitely an extraordinary negative influence. But the true power of water lies in its structure. So, when you purify all the chemicals, pollutants, microplastic, everything, the main element of the water where it's true power lies it's in coherence. You can compare it to a light bulb. A light bulb of 5 W will give you some light, but if you have a 5 W laser, it will actually burn through your table. So, a laser is a coherent light. Same thing happens with H2O molecules. When they colloquially speaking join hands, then the true power of water is being unleashed.

Melanie Avalon: So, the way this actually affects us, is it a physical thing of the molecules being out of order and that's affecting our molecules or how does it affect us?

Mario Brainovic: It's very interesting. So, usually, the water in our body is already in some sort of a structured state. But body needs to spend energy to put the water that we drink in a coherent state and it needs to spend substantial amounts of energy. But when you drink coherent water, when you drink the water that's already in this very, very particular liquid crystalline state, then it goes directly in your body. And your body has much more energy to basically help itself in so many ways, which is really interesting. We did studies on plants where through biophotons, there is this special kind of technology which is very sensitive and you can catch-- every biological system emits light and we have a device which can catch that light. It's very definitive proof or indicator of vitality of any biological system.

Then we watered plants with regular water and with our water. Our plants, our tomatoes had 60% more light. They had 60% more vitality when you watered it with analemma water. What we did actually is, according to it, we just wanted to see how it correlates with humans. We did double-blind placebo-controlled ATP study where we measured the rise in mitochondrial energy in our cellular human energy when people drink this water. And the results are phenomenal. So, there is significant rise in ATP levels when people drink analemma water, just that without changing in diets or exercises or anything, it goes up to 20% in just two months. Your entire energy over your entire system gets increased.

Melanie Avalon: So, it's not so much that it's giving us energy as that it isn't using energy to be used?

Mario Brainovic: It's both. That's what's lovely about it. We realized in all of our plant research and in all of our human research. This is also interesting. The electrical capacity of water is anywhere between 150 and 300 mV. But when you swirl the analemma through the water, that potential jumps by 300%. It's the same as I mentioned with laser. You have 5 W bulb gives you some light, but 5 W laser can actually do so much more.

Melanie Avalon: The analemma device has this mother water inside of it, correct? So how did you make that?

Mario Brainovic: This is really fascinating how elegant the whole solution is, but how profound it is. Since water is broadband absorber, receiver, and transmitter of energy, water will pick up any dominant frequency, whether "it's bad or it's good." We found a way to bring water into this very, very special, coherent state, very structured, extraordinarily stable state. We call this the mother water. It takes one full year to create it. We fill it into a crystal vial. This is what analemma is. It's a stainless-steel holder with a crystal vial that is filled with mother water. So, since water reacts to the dominant frequency, and this is like the most positive dominant frequency we've tested up until now. Any H2O molecule that comes into close proximity to it will mimic its exact structure. That's why the crystal vial serves as a superconductor. It actually transmits frequency of mother water to all other molecules and they immediately start to form its exact structure. That's why it's so elegant and simple.

There are a few devices that create some sort of structure and coherence in water. But according to all of our tests, they lose coherence. The water goes back to chaos between a couple of minutes and day and a half. And with our water, with just one treatment, now we tested five years consecutively and the water is still in that very same structured coherent state. So, it's extraordinarily stable. And we actually tested that stability in various ways. We tried to push it out of its coherence using various forms of radiation, but the water always bounces back.

Melanie Avalon: So, these other devices that are structuring water, they are structuring water, it just doesn't last?

Mario Brainovic: Yes. So, there are vortexing. Vortexing will create some form of structure. Magnets of some kind, crystals, there are various ways, some structure can be there. But as I mentioned, the main difference is its extraordinary stability. Analemma has the stability that basically lasts virtually forever.

Melanie Avalon: Because you create this. Is there any natural mother water?

Mario Brainovic: No, we actually haven't found it. That's why we think that the whole blueprint, let's call it that, because I truly believe that, when the time for something comes, it just happens and I believe that the world needs it. We can touch upon, maybe later in the podcast, because for various reasons, this water can truly be a very protective kind of agent in our lives.

Melanie Avalon: I imagine it is proprietary, the technology, but the actual process of creating it, can you give us any hints about what you're actually doing?

Mario Brainovic: Well, I can just tell you that we are not using any electricity. So, there is nothing-- It's all mechanical, let's call it that way. We didn't even patent the technology, because we know that when you patent something, you have to write down the exact process. The world is crazy these days and many companies are going for patent infringement. They steal the technology and then you go-- We don't want to go into that. We know we created a technology and it's very hard for people to come to this very particular process that we've developed that we reach this water. So, we just want to offer it to the world. That's why we are investing so much in the science, because we want to make it irrefutable to people, so they understand that this is the water we intended to drink and it can do so much for our health and wellness.

Melanie Avalon: Do you have a theory about why it doesn't lose its structure or coherence?

Mario Brainovic: Well, we have one. Now, we're actually going deep, [chuckles] but it's totally okay. Let's do it. So, we realized that EMF, especially 5G, it really has a powerful effect on water. It really throws it into chaos. You see now every single telecom company is creating their own 5G networks and they need to be very tight together, so that it actually produces the effect. So, now you have a lot of them on Earth plus you have low-orbit satellites for 12 companies and very soon, we'll be having almost 100,000 of them in low orbit. So, we are talking about very serious saturation with these kinds of waves. So, we believe that this water is, since the structure of this water resists the effects, it's very beneficial for human health at this point in time.

Melanie Avalon: Does anything change about the actual molecules or is it just the pattern that they're in they are locked in the pattern?

Mario Brainovic: The pattern, this is really fascinating. I can tell you one story that will kind of why we realize that this water connects you to the natural rhythms of the Earth and even cosmos. So, early on, we did biophoton research on seeds. We watered seeds with regular water and we collected the biophoton responses, and we watered several seeds with our water and we measured what is going to happen. The seeds watered with regular water flatlined. There was nothing. There was zero movement. But with our water, we started to see this sinusoidal movement, like the peak of biophoton emission and the valley and we didn't know what was it. We were trying to figure out what is this movement. And then we realized it moved according to tides. So, it followed the electromagnetic movement of the moon.

When you drink this water, you're actually connecting to the natural rhythms of the Earth, the moon, the cycles. You're moving with it, if you know what I mean. That's why we're actually calling analemma water conscious water. I don't know how much is into that whole area, but it really opens pathways for us to be more connected, not only within ourselves, but with everything around us.

Melanie Avalon: Growing up, we would always go to Florida, and my mom was really into shelling, which is like where you pick up seashells on the beach. So, she was always looking at the tides. And so, I always had an awareness, since I was really little about just this idea that there are these rhythms that are very consistent and very real in the world that are fascinating that I think we don't really think about very much, but it's really interesting.

Mario Brainovic: I would like to go into a little bit of details to explain to people the effect. Maybe we can touch upon GlycanAge because I love this study.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah, that'd be great.

Mario Brainovic: We were thinking we want to find a study that will definitively prove that there is something biologically remarkable happening when people drink this water. And we were going through various tests, what was available, and then we came up to GlycanAge. So, GlycanAge measures through various ways, the biological age in contrast to chronological age. There are many methods. But what I loved about GlycanAge is that they are measuring two key factors, immune system and the levels of inflammation. We are all aware, immune system, these glycans in our blood, they have two powerful regulators. They regulate the immune system and they regulate the levels of inflammation in our body. So, when you put all of this data together, you can very accurately determine someone's biological age. The more proinflammatory glycans you have in your body, the older you are and the more prone to disease. The less you have them, younger you are and you can live longer and your overall health is better.

Anyhow, we did a baseline test, we did another one after three months of people drinking a liter and a half of water a day. They didn't change anything in their life, exercise regime or their diet. And after three months, almost every single person in the study experienced between one and twelve years of biological age rejuvenation. Their whole system got regenerated on a cellular level, which was really extraordinary. Now, we are doing another double-blind placebo controlled GlycanAge just to reinforce those findings.

Melanie Avalon: Did you measure--? Okay, because I know you said that they drank at least one liter a day.

Mario Brainovic: Liter and a half, yeah.

Melanie Avalon: And nothing else like wine, coffee?

Mario Brainovic: I believe they lived their regular lives. The only requirement from us in the study is that they drink at least liter and a half of water a day. So, they drink coffee, they drink tea, they drink everything they usually drink. The only mandatory is that they drink a liter and a half of analemma water per day.

Melanie Avalon: Could they drink more than that?

Mario Brainovic: We didn't do the follow up with them. That was the only requirement everybody had to do. To be honest, I drink at least two and a half liters of analemma of water a day.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah. I'd be super curious, if there is any correlation between the amount of age reversal and the amount of water they drank.

Mario Brainovic: We just barely scratched the surface of the beauty of all of this. So, we definitely plan to do all kinds of studies and to expand on it. That will be really interesting thing to look into.

Melanie Avalon: Did they provide feedback about how they felt or anything like that?

Mario Brainovic: We didn't do questionnaires. The number one thing for us was to see the aging. Well, this is interesting. Since these glycans, they regulate immune system through T cell activity. T cells are number one defense in our body. They are the one destroying the pathogens, the viruses, the bacteria that all of the invaders in our body. So, that's one thing which is extraordinarily important. And the other one is, everybody now knows that low-grade inflammation in our body for years actually is the number one factor for various diseases that happen later in life. This covers both of them, both immunity and inflammation. So, it's really very accurate indicator of your overall health and wellness. And with this, we proved that drinking this water has a profound influence on your long-term health and wellness.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah, I know. That's amazing. And you were saying an average of four years, and then I wrote down it was one to twelve years. So, some people even had like over a decade.

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's interesting that this one person, he was much older. When you look at him, he's really much older than his chronological age and he had the best result.

Melanie Avalon: I was going to ask that I was wondering if people who had more potential, who seemed older in the beginning, if they lost more.

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, they definitely had the best results. But you know what's interesting? It was really interesting for us as well is, those people who were younger, they got even younger.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah, that's good to know because there's this whole concept of healthy user bias that people who are doing healthy things are basically more likely to be healthy, and so it can skew results. So, it's good to know that even if people are already low on the biological age that they can still see an effect.

Mario Brainovic: Exactly. So, the anti-inflammatory glycans rise, and then whatever else is going on in your body and also the whole immune regulation is improved. So, whatever goes your way, your body is more equipped to deal with it.

Melanie Avalon: You did a study with twins and their brains?

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, this is really fascinating. This is where this water shows the fastest results. We did the double-blind study with identical twins on their brainwaves. So, it's amazing to observe in real time. As soon as you take one sip of this water, there is an instant connection between the left and the right hemisphere of the brain, an instant cooling effect on your brainwaves. It is extraordinary to observe because you can watch it in real time. And so, the doctor administering the test didn't know which water was which and they were both given to twins. The one drinking analemma water had that effect, the other one didn't. And then afterwards, we switched without telling them and the results switched. The other one then experienced that very particular effect on brainwaves. So, this is really extraordinary.

Brainwave effect is instant and everything else takes time because we ask GlycanAge, "How long does it take for glycans to change?" And they told us three months. This is something that takes three months for you to see a visible change and that was the length of our study.

Melanie Avalon: So, literally instant with the brain?

Mario Brainovic: Literally instant. That's so extraordinary. It's really extraordinary. We did actually start with EMFs with people using cell phones, because it's also something a lot of people aren't aware. But when you use a cell phone, it brings your brainwaves into chaos. Let's call it that way. So, what we did is we tested with people using the cell phone and then we gave to one person regular water and to one person our water. And there is an instant, as I mentioned, a cooling effect on the brainwaves to the person who drank our water. The other person who drank regular water, there was no change.

Melanie Avalon: That's incredible. And then going back to the plant studies, I grow cucumbers and plants hydroponically in my apartment. I could really be testing this. I could do the water that I am--

Mario Brainovic: Please do, please do because to be honest, I was fascinated with the results. I'm actually inviting people to do very, very simple test. All the owners of analemma can do this. You can buy two basil plants, okay? Because basil plants are very delicate. So, you can water one with regular water and one with analemma water. And you water them for, let's say, three weeks. After three weeks, you cut the water supply and you can even increase the stress factor, like heat. After two days, the basil plant that was watered with regular water would completely shrivel down, and the one watered with analemma water will remain untouched. And that's something extraordinary to observe.

Melanie Avalon: I'm definitely going to do an experiment because I have multiple units, so I could grow one with the analemma water and the other with normal.

Mario Brainovic: What we found out is that the resilience of plants really develop exponentially. You mentioned cucumbers. It's actually progressive. There is one farmer in Netherlands that has been using our water for a while. And there is this type of cucumbers that gives fruit 10 to 12 weeks in a year and that's it. Now with our water, he is at 24 weeks.

Melanie Avalon: Cucumbers are mostly water content. So, does that mean the water and the cucumbers would be structured?

Mario Brainovic: Most definitely. But as I mentioned, it has profound effects. Not only that, we realized that if you take the seeds out of the fruit that was grown with analemma water, and plant it, and then replant it, and replant it, we figured out that after three generations, you almost don't need to use any pesticides. The fruit becomes so resilient. It really has a profound influence on, basically, any biological system. So, we are developing the whole agriculture applications because we know we need to change this. I don't know, since you're an expert on the subject, you know that like 15 years ago, spinach had almost 80% more nutrients than it has now. So, you have to eat much, much more spinach to actually receive the similar nutrients in quantities like you would receive 15 years ago. So, we need to do something about our food. And one really lovely way to do this is through analemma water.

I can tell you one more story is that we took completely destroyed, depleted land, which was completely unfertile. What we did, we watered one with regular water and one with analemma water, one chunk of it. What happened is that the soil that was watered with our water had explosion of biodiversity in microbiome so much so that it started to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere and back into the Earth.

Melanie Avalon: How big of a plot of land?

Mario Brainovic: It's not a big plot of a land. We just wanted to do a test with it, if you know what I mean. And the results were really phenomenal. Because of that study, since the microbiome of the soil changed dramatically, we actually did the double-blind placebo-controlled human microbiome study, and now results are very soon to be coming out. But we already know that results are very promising, so that the lady doctor that performed the study very enthusiastically asked us to give her the analemma.

Melanie Avalon: Wow. So, when you're doing these studies to create the water, are you directly creating it with your technology or are you literally using the analemma wands and stirring up the water?

Mario Brainovic: We're using an analemma wands. We just give people in the study our product. They just use it like any person would buy analemma. It's the same one that is being used in the study.

Melanie Avalon: Because it sounds like that takes a lot of water. Do you have larger wands or what is the role of actually using the wand to create the water, like the proximity to the water, stirring the water?

Mario Brainovic: It's very important. That's the whole thing. Any H2O molecule that comes in the close proximity to the mother water, which is inside the crystal vial will form its exact liquid crystalline structure. So, for let's say 3 dL of water, you have to stir for 15 seconds. For more, you have to do it longer. That's why we are actually coming out very soon with the whole house analemma, which you can put in the piping system of your house. So, all of the water in your house is going to be coherent. We are coming up with various applications, but we wanted to come out with the first product and this is it. This product anybody can buy now. You can create coherent water for life with this one product. If, of course, you need to take, it's very breakable because it's very delicate crystal glass. So, you really need to protect it.

Melanie Avalon: Yes. On that note, to share with listeners, I was so sad, because right before the interview-- So, I had the analemma in my kitchen and I was just using it when I would have my water and I was bringing it over to my desk to look at while were interviewing and I dropped it and it broke and I was so sad. So, would you like to tell listeners if that happens?

Mario Brainovic: Yes. I immediately told Melanie that the same thing happened to me. I have analemmas in abundance, but I was so bummed. When that happens, there is really something special about it and you really want to take care of it. I really became attached to it. When it broke, I'm not going to say, I was heartbroken, but I was really bummed. So, it really is a beautiful object and it really does awesome work. So, if anybody buys analemma, because I know and I've experienced this pain, I'm always offering to people, if that happens, we're going to give 50% off to the next one, so people can buy and continue to use.

Melanie Avalon: Some more questions about actually using it. Well, first of all, the whole house system, that is super cool. How would that be set up? Where do you install it?

Mario Brainovic: It's in the piping system of your house where the water comes into your house. So, the standard is one-inch pipe. And we created the analemma which has two copper pipes coming out of it one inch. So, you just install it. You just need to call a certified plumber to install it into your system. If you have a smaller pipe system, you just ask your plumber. We're going to put this all of this in manual. You just use a reducer, so that it's very easy to install. So, it's not complicated for any plumber to do. They can do it in half an hour. And then any water coming through it after it will become coherent. And then you have coherent water all over your house.

Melanie Avalon: And so, what would be the difference between drinking the water and then taking a shower in the water with the whole house system? Does that affect you?

Mario Brainovic: We definitely plan to do studies on skin and various other studies. We already know that there is profound effect, but I always like to first do the proper study and then to make claims. So, our next thing is definitely going to be performing, because we already have a good system about it, so that we can measure various effects that happens when you just take a shower or bath in coherent water. So, we'll be coming up with those studies, I'm hoping by the summer of next year.

Melanie Avalon: That would be super interesting. This is sort of a granular question, but the stirring aspect of it, like the 15 seconds, is that because there actually needs to be some time of it touching the water or is it takes 15 seconds for all of the water to swirl and touch it?

Mario Brainovic: The only thing is we wanted to give it enough time that all of the water molecules inside the glass of water or pitcher of water gets into this coherent state. So, we just wanted to be 100% sure that when you stir it long enough that all of the water is in fact in that very particular state.

Melanie Avalon: So, could you possibly make like, how would I describe it, like a filter that you would just put on top of your glass and you would pour the water into your glass and it would pour through the filter?

Mario Brainovic: There are two, actually, applications that we are now developing. The one is "Brita system," which will have the filter inside, which will purify the water from all of the pollutants and it will make it coherent. So, you just pour it and that's basically it. And the other one would be, so that you have a pitcher of water beautifully designed, which has a double bottom, so to speak and the lower part is actually made of crystal filled with analemma water. So, you just need to pour.

Melanie Avalon: Oh, yes, I want that.

Mario Brainovic: Yes, yes, yes. I know, I know. So, you don't have to stir. The next stage, this product now down the line will become travel analemma, something that you take with you whenever you travel and you can make coherent water wherever you go. So, we are working very hard on various applications, so people can use. Because when you really experience it, you don't want to drink any other water.

Melanie Avalon: No, it's funny. It's made me realize, it's been a good experiment in self-awareness of modern society and impatience and stuff. Because 15 seconds is not a big deal to stir something and yet I'm like, "15 seconds."

Mario Brainovic: I know, I know Melanie, I'm the same. I'm the same as you, just so you know. The same as you. That's why I wanted to develop this that you don't have to do anything. You just pour the water in and that's basically it. So, we're really working very hard coming up with all of these applications and the whole house system. The whole reason behind it is that it makes it very, very simple for people because then you just open your faucet anywhere in your home and you are getting water in this liquid crystalline state.

Melanie Avalon: The pitcher would be amazing because I drink water like I drink glass bottled waters and I drink deuterium-depleted water. I don't know if you have thoughts on that. Then I could just pour the water into the pitcher.

Mario Brainovic: When you mentioned deuterium-depleted water, we were actually several times approached that we do a combo of deuterium-depleted water and analemma water, because that would be an interesting powerhouse.

Melanie Avalon: Do you ever drink deuterium-depleted water?

Mario Brainovic: No, no. I'm familiar with the effect and I'm really looking forward in developing, because we're already-- I'm guessing it's on the way. So, I will definitely let you know. If we create something together, I will send the product to you. It would be interesting to see the effect because this is from the chemical point of view and this is from the structural point of view, then we create something very powerful.

Melanie Avalon: I was thinking about that, actually, because people might get overwhelmed or they might think, "Well, the other day, she was just talking about deuterium-depleted water and now she's talking about this analemma water." But I was thinking about it and it's what you just said, it's addressing something different.

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, I would definitely say, well, the thing is with this it's very cost effective. You buy just one analemma, it will create a coherent water for you for life. It was very important for us to make it affordable to people. So, we don't create something which would require-- We wanted to create something that wherever you are on the planet, you can acquire it. And as I mentioned, it will last a lifetime.

Melanie Avalon: Because presumably deuterium depletion is not affecting the structure and the coherence. And the structure and coherence, I'm assuming, would not be affecting the deuterium levels.

Mario Brainovic: Exactly. That's the lovely thing. You can use analemma, basically, any liquid. You can create your wine. You can make your wine coherent, yeah, which is really interesting.

Melanie Avalon: Oh, I'm going to start doing that.

Mario Brainovic: Because if it has H2O molecules, they will form this very special liquid, crystalline state. So, any liquid that you drink if it has water and all of them have, you can put them in that very particular state. Just be careful not to use it in too hot water, because as I mentioned, this crystal is very delicate. So, we don't want to break it. So, if it's warm, no worries but we would just suggest not to use it in very hot liquid.

Mario Brainovic: Start bringing it to parties and start swirling the wine. So, freezing or boiling water, does that affect it?

Mario Brainovic: Well, we actually realized that when it reaches the boiling point, the coherence disappears. But as soon as it cools down a little bit, the coherence comes back again. It's really astonishing to see how this water bounces back. It just bounces back to this very particular structure.

Melanie Avalon: How can that be? How can it remember?

Mario Brainovic: It really is. We've realized also. As I mentioned, we are ourselves astonished. Many, many times we had this, "Oh, my God moment," when we were testing it. The same thing happened with x-rays or with-- As soon as you put glass of water next to Wi-Fi router, it will go into chaos. That just happens. But with our water, it doesn't. Even when you push it, it will lose its coherence, but it bounces back. The same effect, as I mentioned, happened. We tested in various ways, it always bounces back. We haven't still found a way to push it into chaos completely. It just bounces back.

Melanie Avalon: Do you have any theory why that is? Like, is it locked into--? I just don't understand how that can like with boiling and it's completely gone out of its structure.

Mario Brainovic: Well, water has intelligence. Dr. Masaru Emoto, he started playing with water and he really put it on the map for vast numbers of people. For instance, he did this rice experience using rice and water. And you write, I love you one glass with rice and water, and the other one, I hate you. And you observe what happens. He actually did it every single day. He came to one glass, he said, "I love you," and to the other one, "I hate you." And actually, he did the other one, the third one, where he didn't even want to communicate with it. He just turned his back on it. And the results were phenomenal. The glass that had I love you on it has this beautiful fermented smell of rice. There was no decomposition or rottening happening whatsoever. But the same rice and the same water in the next one where it's I hate you started to rot completely and start to have bad smell.

Melanie Avalon: That is crazy. Is there the alter ego the opposite of mother water? Could there be a water that you could create that would be completely incoherent that would affect everything around it?

Mario Brainovic: To be honest, I don't know. I don't know. We just put our mind and our focus on the positive effects of it. So, we know that there are effects which usually push the water into chaos as we mentioned. But whatever we threw at this water, it just bounced back.

Melanie Avalon: Wow. Okay. Yeah, because the thought experiment I was thinking was, could you potentially transfer the wrong information or if there's the opposite potential, is the mother water--?

Mario Brainovic: I definitely believe that there are negative frequencies which can have detrimental effect on water. That's why I'm saying, this particular frequency is very dominant, as I mentioned, and it has a profound influence on water. So, for now, we haven't found that effect which would bring it to chaos.

Melanie Avalon: If you had a fish, could you do to the water in the fish bowl?

Mario Brainovic: Most definitely. We did test various tests with animals. We are now actually preparing one larger study on animals, so that we do it in a proper way. But for now, there was this one farm that had huge problems with the stable. Stable tried various ways, through all the veterinary kind of tools and medications and they couldn't solve the problem. We gave them analemma water, within one month all the problems went off the stable. So, it really has a profound effect on the immune system, both humans and animals.

Melanie Avalon: If a person drinks a lot of water is there benefit to doing some of the water that they drink throughout the day compared to all of it? Does every little bit help or can you undo what you did if you drink normal water?

Mario Brainovic: Well, I can only hypothesize because we haven't done studies on it. But I believe that almost exclusively I drink analemma water. I'm drinking any other water if I cannot drink it for some reason, if you know what I mean. That's why I'm saying, this is the dominant frequency. If you're constantly introducing this water to your system, your system will become resilient. That's the whole thing that we saw with plants. The plants become resilient just by, as I mentioned, three weeks of watering with analemma water will have a powerful effect that is very visual and I'm inviting people to do it themselves. You will see that there is effect there and it's lasting because you cut the water supply and after two days, the basil plant watered with analemma water stays the same. You're not going to see the difference. So, it has a lasting effect and we are talking about only three weeks.

Melanie Avalon: Wow.

Mario Brainovic: I can tell you one really very nice anecdote. We instructed people in the GlycanAge study to expose the analemma to the Sun. It's not "necessary," but we know, we realize that this water loves the Sun. So, we instructed them always expose the analemma to the Sun every day. And this lady, she had this kind of very small garden of very kind of not too high of a plant, like very short plants. And she always put her analemma in the very center of it. What happened after a month, month and a half? She actually sent us a photo, which was really remarkable. It's like you drew a circle around the analemma. All of the plants grew inch, inch and a half higher than anywhere else in this small garden.

Melanie Avalon: How did she put the water? She put the actual water?

Mario Brainovic: No, no, no, no. She put the analemma stick.

Melanie Avalon: Oh, okay. And she stuck it there.

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, she just stuck it there, because we told them expose it to the Sun. So, the easiest thing for her, "Okay, I'm going to stick it here." And she stuck it in the very same spot every single day. And then she sent us a photo, which was really remarkable to see how plants grew around it. People realized and they started by themselves to wear the analemma around their neck. We actually decided that we're going to create small ones, so that people can comfortably wear them because it does create coherence is where 99% water when you wear it around your neck and especially, if it's around the heart area. The heart is pumping blood, which is basically water, all over our body.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah. I was thinking about this. I was really hoping that there could be like a necklace. I wanted to know actually if it touching your skin could make it work, and then you would have it as like a travel thing for when you're drinking at restaurants?

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, most definitely. We are creating a necklace and we want to also make it beautiful. So, it's something really beautiful that you would want to wear and it has such a profound effect on your entire biology. We are definitely working on it. As soon as we kind of complete the whole thing, the designs, and the production and everything, I will definitely let you know. We're going to offer it to people because a lot of people asked us to create something like that. People who were wearing it, I told them don't do it, because it's very fragile and it can break. But people who wore it around their neck really reported awesome effects as well.

Melanie Avalon: Now I'm just thinking of all the things I want to do. I have a plant that's struggling a little bit. I wonder if watering it with the water would make it revitalized.

Mario Brainovic: Most definitely. We had so much reports exactly like that. So, people have struggling plants or whatever, they put it in the house, it just won't thrive. And people start to water it with analemma water and it just happens.

Melanie Avalon: Okay, I'm going to do that. And I've also noticed, this is on the negative side of things, but like I said, I have lots of plants indoors. And so, the cucumbers they take over and they just grow up my windows and everything. But if they get near my outlet sources like the electronics, those leaves are like dead and it's just so telling.

Mario Brainovic: Yeah, very telling. Very telling how these kinds of frequencies have bad effect on-- It's very visual. You can really see that there is something not beneficial for biological systems. But that's why I'm saying, this water is an answer. We truly believe that Mother Earth is the hidden voice of this project.

Melanie Avalon: So, what are your future--? You've mentioned a lot of stuff in the pipeline, but what are your future goals as far as implementing this? Because the world is very resistant to things like this.

Mario Brainovic: Yes, that's why we're investing so much into science because when we do this proper scientific work, then it becomes after wild irrefutable. I can tell you our mission, our whole mission is to make all bodies of water coherent on this planet. We already developed amazing ecofriendly technology that we can install at the worlds of rivers. Can you imagine like all the life in the river downstream would thrive and all this water would eventually end up in oceans? Then oceans would become coherent.

Melanie Avalon: That was literally what I was going to ask. How would that work? The water would just go through it?

Mario Brainovic: Yes. We already have, as I mentioned, technology, which is very, very ecofriendly. So, there would be no negative effect. The only effect would be that water would pass through it and all of the water after that spot would be coherent. As I mentioned, it is very, very stable. So, it will remain stable down the line and enter the ocean like that. And after a very short period of time, all of the water would become coherent. There is this liquid crystalline structure in water all over the place. Our whole thing is, even though it's bad for our business model, but we don't care. We're really committed to it. It would be awesome if we could bring our equipment to water supplies of all the cities because water loses its vitality as soon as you-- These rectangular piping systems that we have, it destroys the vitality of the water almost immediately. But since this water is so resilient, it will actually reach your faucet untouched and coherent.

For now, we are creating these systems, which anybody can-- You can install it for your house or you can use analemma wand. You can do it for yourself. But you asked, what is our mission? Our mission is to make this water accessible to everybody everywhere.

Melanie Avalon: That's incredible. I'm guessing, the longer a person uses analemma, does it have an exponential effect? When you drink the water, does it turn the water in your body into the water? So, the more you drink it, the more it's having a larger effect?

Mario Brainovic: Well, to be honest, we always like to do studies. This GlycanAge study clearly showed that the main indicators of your long-term health and wellness change within only three months of using. So, we will do a long-term study. I can tell you that I feel good and almost every single person using the water has profound effects. But I don't want to kind of go into all of those details. That's why we're doing the studies. So, the studies speak for themselves.

Melanie Avalon: That's what I really was excited about. When I first was emailing your team, they immediately sent me all of these studies. It's really good to see, because I think there's so much benefit and there's so much here, and there's very few people that are actually doing the research and the work, which is what I think is going to be required for this to become more mainstream.

Mario Brainovic: Exactly. If we understand that this is what we need to do, so that everybody, when they observe the study, then they are going to decide to buy the product and then they're going to have the benefit. That's the number one thing for us. That's the whole thing, so that people could get the benefit.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah. That's awesome. Well, I bet people are very eager now to get one. So, you guys are so, so kind. You have actually provided a 10% discount for our audience, which is phenomenal. So, listeners can actually go to So, that's A-N-A-L-E-M-M-A and you can use the coupon code, MELANIEAVALON to get a 10% discount. So, again, that's, A-N-A-L-E-M-M-A with the code, MELANIEAVALON for 10% discount. So, thank you so much for that. And you mentioned this earlier, but just to ask again, so the device well, unless you break it like me, well, I guess we don't know if it lasts forever, but you think it lasts at least five years you said?

Mario Brainovic: At least. We haven't had any indication that it will change at any time. But as I mentioned, we are very scientifically oriented. So, we state five years but we definitely believe that it's virtually forever. It's not changing in any way or form. As I mentioned, we tried to push it out of its coherence and back into chaos and we really tried and it never happened. Most people, they don't use that kind of devices on water, if you know what I mean. They just use it and it just stays in that very particular state. I just would like to mention that we are now going to go into various agriculture studies, because we know how incredible food has an enormous effect on our overall health and wellness. And the quality of food on this planet is really really low. So, we want to change the whole game, so to speak.

We know that the one way to do it, the best way to do it, because people into organic or biodynamic, they already know and they are going to be open to acquiring this technology to grow food that way. But we want to reach the big agriculture companies. That's why we are investing now so much, so that we can prove that the yield increases. Not only that, shelf-life increases. For big retailers and also for big agriculture companies, that is money for them. For us, it's not about that. For us, it's to create high-quality food for people.

Melanie Avalon: That would be incredible. I'm going to be eagerly following that. Like I mentioned at the beginning, that book I was reading about plastics, I was just shocked to learn that even right now, like fertilizers, they use plastics to make the fertilizers. It increases the yield in the short term, but it's just wrecking the long term.

Mario Brainovic: Exactly. I'm 100 on board with this because people always go-- farmers always go yield because they just see money. But I believe this is a very irresponsible behavior, because people have to come first. You're actually bringing food to people. People are ingesting all of this. But this is the way we hope that's why we're investing in the studies, because we've already seen incredible results with plants. So, if we prove that the yield increases, but also the health of the plants and the vitality and the energy of plants increases, then we cover both equations, and then large agriculture companies will use it, and large numbers of people will get the result without even knowing about it. Because when you eat the produce with 60% more vitality, with more energy, all that energy ends up in our cells again. And then our body has enough energy to treat any of the invaders in terms of pathogens. Not only that, as we already mentioned, the low-grade inflammation in our body goes away, and then all of the diseases that come with it down the line will not happen.

Melanie Avalon: That is very exciting and huge. So, I'm going to be eagerly, eagerly following you. Speaking of, so, how can people see all the studies and best follow all of this?

Mario Brainovic: You can just come to the website. Just go to and you can just jump very soon, like after a couple of seconds. There will be a window that prompts you to jump on newsletters. With our newsletters, we are always sharing all the new-- because we're really doing a lot of studies. So, this is one way to get the latest info. For all your followers, we will definitely keep you informed, so you can inform your audience about all the things that we are doing.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah. There are a lot of newsletters out there. I'm getting on this newsletter. This is going to be one of the ones. This is awesome. Was there anything else you wanted touch on about all of this?

Mario Brainovic: I don't know. As I mentioned, I'm very spontaneous. Whatever question you have, I'm eager to ask. I don't have anything prepared. I believe that we covered all of the basics. It's so important for me, so that I tell the story about our company, where are we coming from and why are we doing this. So, by buying analemma, you are actually helping us to do more studies. And not only that, to bring this planet back to its coherent state and all the waters on this planet. This is our mission, this is our goal, and this is what we are all about.

Melanie Avalon: Now, I'm just thinking I want to give this for Christmas presents and birthday presents. This would be the perfect gift for everybody.

Mario Brainovic: I definitely agree. There is no better gift you can give than the gift of health, so that people will actually start to feel better. Especially this time, it's crazy time with all of these pathogens going on and everything that's happening in the world, so the people can-- As I mentioned, coming back to this biophoton thing that we did, this water really turns you. It's like an antenna. It turns your body-- You are more connected to what's relevant around you. So, I'm a big fan of this water as you're probably aware.

Melanie Avalon: If you're drinking all analemma water does it make your body more in tune with the tides and the natural rhythms and everything?

Mario Brainovic: Definitely. That's the whole point. To be honest that's the number one reason why we're doing it. All of these studies that we're doing, we know that people, they have to see, "Okay, there is profound health effects and everything." But for us, the number one thing is, when we connect people, when you drink this water, you turn your body into an antenna. You become the receiver because water is a broadband absorber, receiver, interspersed energy. When you have this dominant positive frequency, you become not only the receiver, but the transmitter of this frequency. We are all electromagnetic beings. So, when you come out of that state, you are becoming a positive influence on everything around you.

Melanie Avalon: This is so cool. I'm so excited. There're so many things I want to do now. I want to revitalize my plants, I want to get these for Christmas presents for everybody. It's just amazing. Well, thank you so, so much, Mario. The last question that I ask every single guest on this show and it's just because I realize more and more each day how important mindset is, so what is something that you're grateful for?

Mario Brainovic: I'm thinking about this almost every single day. Due to various things that happened in my life personally, I really think that I can spend the whole day on my knees being grateful. I've been really given incredible opportunities in my life. I realize that only when you're serving something higher than yourself can you really experience true joy. So, I can invite everybody to always try to serve something higher to themselves. And in the process, your little self will get lost, and then you will experience the true joy, and then you would be truly grateful you're alive.

Melanie Avalon: I think that's not that one answer is better than another, but that's one of the most incredible answers I've had to that question. I love that. And that's just really wonderful, because I think it really shows the mission and the genuineness behind all of this. I'm so, so grateful for everything that you're doing, Mario. This is incredible. I'm so excited to see where everything goes in the future. I can't wait for listeners to get their own analemma and report back on what they experience. So, thank you so much for your time, and I would love to stay in touch, and hopefully, we can bring you back in the future when you have more studies and future developments.

Mario Brainovic: Most definitely. I would really like to thank you, Melanie, for being the lighthouse that you are. You are actually bringing the relevant information that can actually change people's lives. I don't see any higher purpose in life than that. So, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share the information, this beauty with the world.

Melanie Avalon: Well, thank you so much. I'm so happy we've met and I look forward to everything in the future.

Mario Brainovic: Thank you, thank you, thank you and I'm definitely looking forward to speaking with you again.

Melanie Avalon: Awesome. Thanks, Mario.

Mario Brainovic: Thank you, Melanie. Thank you.

Melanie Avalon: Bye.

Mario Brainovic: Bye-bye.

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