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The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #173 - Pilipp Samor (LeelaQ)

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career he constantly worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him to truly connect with his true self. With that he started to also see energy fields and developed his unique skills as a healer, and he went through two decades of training in shamanic and other energy healing practices. During his business career he worked as an executive for several well known companies, including T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US where he served as Vice President.

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14:50 - Philipp's backstory

The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #145 - Dr. Shamini Jain

20:10 - how much of energy healing is real?

The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #122 - R Blank

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27:40 - EMF Blocking Products

29:10 - defining quantum fields

33:25 - radio Waves

34:55 - how the bloc work

38:40 - how do you charge?

40:00 - can the bloc be damaged?

41:10 - how long do you need to charge other items?

44:30 - dark field microscopy

Research & Certifications

49:55 - the set up of the studies

53:45 - the patients in the studies

55:10 - Cesium-137

57:40 - food Sensitivities

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1:06:10 - how do we know it's not placebo effect?

1:09:05 - can you feel the energy?

1:13:10 - autism study

1:15:20 - Leela Quantum H.E.A.L. Energy Capsule

1:18:10 - toxic Information; the BESA method

1:26:40 - bringing these products to market

1:27:55 - Leela Quantum Energy Frequency Card

1:30:10 - how philipp uses the technology every day


Melanie Avalon: Hi, friends, welcome back to the show. I am so incredibly excited about the conversation that I am about to have. It's one of those conversations where I am thoroughly fascinated by the topic. Super curious to dive deep into this and I've been having my own personal experience with the products involved with this leading up to it. So, I'm really excited to share my experience. The backstory leading up to today's conversation, one of my good friends Faraz Khan, you guys might know him, he has a biohacking podcast as well. He introduced me to Philipp-- I'm laughing because I've been trying to pronounce this, to Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, did I say it right? Holtzendorff Fehling?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Amazing, yes.

Melanie Avalon: Okay. A fellow German, we've been bonding over our shared connections in Germany. But I was introduced to him through Faraz for his company, Leela Quantum Tech. And I really didn't know what I was getting into. I've been really interested by the concepts and ideas of quantum energy and quantum fields and how that relates to healing. And I'm particularly fascinated, because I think, "Well, I'm fascinated for a lot of reasons." One, I think that that whole topic is something that-- I think there's a lot there, I think there's a lot of science behind it, I also think it's often not taken seriously in the medical field and the scientific literature. And I wish it where, I wish there was more research on it. I get really, really excited when there are people and researchers and companies that are looking into this and creating practical manifestations of it, which we will talk about. And then also doing research on that which as you guys know, is so important to me. So, Philipp and I had a call, we had a lot of things in common. We also had something in common like Memphis, where I grew up. But in any case, he was so kind as to send me some of the products. And again, we're going to talk about this in the episode, but one of the products he sent me was their travel lock that I'm sure we'll talk about. I have an Oura Ring and I see my readiness score every morning when I wake up. And it could have been a coincidence, I don't know. But since using the Quantum block and having it in my life, my readiness scores, when I would wake up in the morning, significantly improved. I used to wake up with scores in the 70s and now they're very reliably in the 80s. And that takes into account things like your sleep and your heart rate variability, your respiration, your body temperature, and things like that. So, that was interesting.

And then, on top of that, I was doing a lot of research leading up to this conversation and reading all the studies that Philipp and his team and the people involved have done. And that further convinced me to start using more, the other thing that he had given me, which was his H.E.A.L. Capsule. And again, it could be all in my head, but I definitely feel something wearing this. I'm very much in tune with feelings of inflammation in my body. And I feel like I've seen a substantial difference in that, again it's just N of 1, but that's been my experience thus far. I think this is one of the lengthiest intros I've given. But in any case, I am so excited to finally have this conversation, share all this with the audience, ask Philipp all of my crazy questions. So, Philipp, thank you so much for being here.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Thanks so much for having me on. I'm excited.

Melanie Avalon: I'm so fascinated by you, first of all, can you tell listeners a little bit about your backstory? You have a very interesting backstory, and you were even vice president at T-Mobile, which is very cool. So, that's a completely different world or maybe not [laughs]. So, what's your backstory? What led you to what you're doing today with this Quantum Energy Tech?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, indeed, I was-- I was born in Germany originally. And then, at some point, I ended up in the corporate world, first in corporate Europe, and then in corporate America, and part of that was that I worked for T-mobile as a vice president. I was responsible for 14 countries in Europe. And then after that, I went over to the US to help T-Mobile US. It was just meant to be for a few months, but it ended up being longer. I worked there as a vice president. At some point in 2016, I decided to leave corporate completely. I had been in many small, medium-sized, and giant organizations. But for people to understand in the early 2000s, I already started to realize that there's way more than just the rational and the physical that we usually observe with our five senses. And I started to dig into yoga and to meditation. And then I got even more curious, noticed that a really big world was opening up for me. So, I went through shamanic workshops and got trained and past life regression work and various energy and shamanic healing techniques, and so on. And then I met my wife in 2005, who was born with the ability to see aura and energy fields, and she had never lost this conscious, divine connection if you will, that most other people including me kind of lose. We forget we have to find that again. So, I kept working through my own inner blockages and learning these things. And then something happened that really started to spark my passion for everything biohacking and alternative healing modalities. And that was when my wife was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. And when she was diagnosed, it came out that she had had it already for five years.

And everyone said, "Well, you can't heal it." Long story short, she healed it. She had some of her own abilities obviously, but I played a big role in it, frankly. And that started with me actually looking out for the next best stuff that's available. And I had never really done that and I really started to dig into this whole world. I realized more and more what's really going on with the pharmaceutical world and what other options that are available. And, yeah, so that was for my life, just amazing to see that I had this passion there. And then again, going into the year 2016, when I decided I can't be in corporate anymore because I wanted to live from my heart. And I couldn't do that, I couldn't fully be myself in the corporate world because as soon as you start really operating from the heart [laughs] and to also be in the energetics that's something that-- at least at the time, didn't really have a place in big corporate and certainly not in executive positions. And for me, that was my essence, though. And I didn't want to compromise anymore. So, I left corporate and then I worked from callings, basically whatever presented itself to me and was clear that I've followed to do that. And one thing was the quantum technology that we started to develop. And actually, not just me, I developed it together with a top-notch healer network, which actually also had happened over this journey, where I had gone through all this trainings, and met some of the most amazing healers across the globe. And while I was building out my own abilities, I knew who are the top guys or girls out there that are not doing just some Reiki stuff, but really, really profound healing you can say, honestly and yeah, that in a nutshell is what led me to choose quantum technology, which we'll probably talk about, but that's really my background. We have two kids, by the way, and we live in New Mexico close to Santa Fe.

Melanie Avalon: I'm just thinking, how much content on this show previously I've done surrounding this and I think the only thing I've done, I'll put a link in the show notes I interviewed Shamini Jain, she wrote a book called Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health. That's a really fascinating resource for anybody who wants to learn more about just the studies in general on things like biofield healing and quantum energy and all of that. I'll put a link in the show notes. But that actually speaks to-- I have a few different questions. One, you just made a comment about how-- I remember the exact word you used, but it was around this wasn't just a certain type of casual woo-woo healing. This was like real stuff. When it comes to this whole world how much of it?-- And I know this whole world is vague, but how much of it do you think is real? There are so many people out there who say they're doing energy healing and things like this, how do we know what's real and what's not?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: I think that's a great question and that also applies to products. So, I can answer that in two ways. One is in regard to the product world. We had 10 different stickers tested that you can put on the back of your phone, that claim that-- you can get on Amazon and other places that claim that they mitigate EMF in some way and none of those 10 different ones that we had tested by a third party institute had any effects, so that was zero. There are still a couple of products out there that actually mitigate EMF. But the vast majority is actually, I think, rather shady. And in terms of people doing energy healing, a lot of those really work with energy. And they can also promote some changes, but I wouldn't call it energy healing. Also Reiki for me is not energy healing Reiki, Reiki works and it's really. There're really some measurable results, but it really doesn't go very deep, it's probably on a scale from zero to 10. In terms of energy work, it maybe on a one or two at the most. And it's hard to tell where to find the best ones. But there's really-- I don't even know how to provide guidance other than to follow your heart in that regard and maybe work off recommendations. And then maybe you need to make your own experiences in that regard.

But it's real, the energy healing world is real there are-- because at core, we're all energy and frequency. And if you have the ability to see energy fields, you can also move them, you can start bringing things into balance. So, that certainly is real. And I want to say though right upfront, that people think "Oh, my God, this is just going to be a woo-woo talk here, yes, we're talking woo-woo. But what does woo-woo mean? Woo-woo is just the reality, but you haven't heard about it. It's not mainstream yet. It's something that we just don't know much about. And we will get into the hardcore science, of course, and my background helped me with that a little bit. Because honestly, if I had told myself 15 years ago, 20 years ago what our products are capable of, I would have said, I just can't believe that this is-- I can't believe it. That's probably what I would have said, and I would have said show me the science, let me try it, connect me with some people that have tried this, that I can ask some questions. So, we started from the very beginning to also make sure that we do have the science, and that we give our products away to institutes that do these tests and experiments, and even randomize double-blind studies and all of that just because it's so important to have that. And it's also for people just something to give them peace of mind that they can read through. But ultimately it's about the experience. And ultimately, it's also about a breakthrough here in terms of technology.

Melanie Avalon: I actually really like the EMF aspect of things, because I think it's something that is more quantifiable as far as we can literally test is a product blocking EMFs or not, I've been working a lot with R Blank who has a company called shield your body. And what I love about him is he's very much like you, very much into testing and making sure things are actually doing what they say. And he's very upfront that there's really only a few things that actually block EMF. And when it does, it's very testable. I've actually been like developing my own EMF-blocking product that I'm excited about. So, I'm very much in my world, but "Okay, so this is something else that I think about a lot. I find it really interesting that people are so fast to discredit or dismiss this concept of the role of energy affecting everything, I guess because it's invisible. I don't know, but if you think about it, we don't question and maybe this is a silly analogy, but you were in the cell phone industry, T-Mobile, we don't think it's weird that cell phones are sending information to each other across the globe, we don't think twice about it. Yeah, we think it's weird that there might be other energy fields sending information between things and affecting things. I just find it really, really interesting. When you first decided to get into this quantum tech aspect, I just don't even know what that looks like. How do you start that? How do you make something that is affecting quantum fields? And maybe we should step back and define a little bit more what world you're dealing with the quantum fields and quantum energy?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, quantum energy is the energy behind matter and frankly it's the energy that we also have in each of our cells. What we're talking about here is nothing artificial or something that is manmade. No, it's actually the most natural energy you can think of, it couldn't be more natural and it is below subatomic level. And that is also why you can influence objects and physiological organisms really on the base level and the most fundamental level. And then it can ripple through into the physical and have these very positive results in regards to human health and wellness. Obviously, there are very scientific definitions also. I don't like to go into fictitious models of quantum mechanics or something like that. That's not what we do for us. Really what we're working with is the real deal. We truly work with the pure quantum energy. We are not working with theoretical concepts and trying to provide formulas and stuff like that and try to explain things. That's not what we're doing, this is applied, this is measurable, repeatable, demonstrable, and you can experience it as well. How do we start doing this? The vision really was if you have some truly amazing healers that can promote positive changes in someone's energetic system or physical body. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could combine that with products, that was basically the original thought? And then we started digging. And we actually also found a couple of companies that were experimenting with quantum energy, what they were missing is that they used electric brute force or magnetic brute force or battery force with it, which then actually destabilizes the quantum energy field. That adds energetic stress then to the human body if you are exposed to that. So, it's not recommended.

And we just started to develop, it was really like inner guidance, if you will, that we followed. And then we started to come up with the first products, and then no one came to the next. And obviously, we went, so we work a little bit different than a normal company, like at T-Mobile or usually other companies, you would trial and error until you reach a point where you actually have a product that works. With us, we work with this top-notch healer network together, and then we know what we're going to build, and we know what it's going to do. And once it's built, we know exactly what it does. We can tell you, well it optimizes the blood, it cleanses your aura, it has a positive impact on your nervous system, things like that. And then we go into the scientific testing afterward. Because obviously, just because we know what it does, doesn't help the people out there. And that's what we do and then in the scientific tests and studies, so far everything was 100% validated what we knew before and then on top of that, we found to find new things that we didn't know before that the products do.

That's pretty much the cadence on how we work with this. And I want to give one more example. Your example was great that your questioning Wi-Fi and things like that. Radio is actually something very interesting to think about. Because you have these radiowaves there at all times. And if you go into your car, you can tune into, I mean, how many different channels you can tune into at any point in time, you just need to find the right resonance, and then you can go from one program to the next or you can even turn it off. If you turn it off, it doesn't mean that those waves aren’t there that you can access those. And yeah, I know, it's still such a fascinating thing to think about. But we are in essence really energy and frequency. And Tesla told us that too, "If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy and frequency." And that's really what it is all about, that world is way greater than the world in the box with the five senses.

Melanie Avalon: It's funny because we know at this show I'm always seeking information and interviewing people and just trying to learn and this whole field is something where I wish I could just do like the Matrix and download all the information into my head. I just want to understand more about all of this, I just find it so fascinating. Even things like-- again, my knowledge is very, very basic, but things mirror neurons. I find it convincing for things like distance healing and that doing something to one thing could have an effect to something else, just automatically.

I understand that the process to develop your products is probably highly proprietary. I'm just trying to get a little bit of clarity. Let's use your blocks, for example, and maybe you can explain or describe them a little bit to the audience. But with those, for example, are they made of a neutral material that you're then charging with actual healing people? Or is the material itself special in that it already holds some effect on quantum energy? Is it a two-part process or is it all within the one thing? Do you charge the stuff with people?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: The original charging process is indeed proprietary, but we always use metals because metals hold and transmit quantum energy very, very well unlike plastic or glass, for example, or just regular fabric you could infuse frequencies in those, and you can charge those, but they wouldn't transmit really anything. So, metals are the best. And then for us, it was the question of which metal is now the best to use for our various products. Now, for the blocks, we have found that golden anodized aluminum is basically the best compromise because it is indeed quite neutral metal, you will wonder "Okay, so then you may have the aluminum frequency, "No, you wouldn't," because the way we charge it, the aluminum frequency actually gets neutralized. But we could make it with gold frankly too or with silver, but then it would be not affordable for people and not for us either. There are a few different metals that we could do it with. But it's not the metal itself, and it happens after the charging. We charged the plates and for people to envision the blocks are about 8 x 8 x 8 inches. And then the travel block is a little smaller that you could fit a small glass in there. They are basically assembled with plates on the bottom and plates on the top or one plate on the bottom one plate on the top. And those plates are specifically charged in a very, very concentrated way. And once you align those relatively parallel at a certain distance and that also varies you could have a larger distance and a smaller distance. But at some point, it's too large and at some point, it's too small. If you do that then you actually create this. We call it a multidimensional quantum energy space. Sounds very woo-woo again, but indeed in their time and distance don't matter. And you can influence matter demonstrably, frankly.

So, you could just put, I don't know zinc in there and then you could actually use chemical testing instruments. And you can see a before and after effect, even though you're "Oh, there's nothing in it, I can't see and touch anything." But surprise, surprise each time you put something in, you actually change the matter or if you put your hand in there, surprise, surprise, your blood improves within just a few minutes and things like that. You can easily measure the effects, but yeah it's not the metal itself. It's how we charge the metal, that is the key. And then with the blocks, we can make other products, and frankly, everyone that has a block can also make other products because we call the blocks, the extension of our technology. We make that available to everyone. And then if you want to make your own little capsules for your family and for yourself or you charge your water bottles then you can do that.

Melanie Avalon: The charging process. "Okay, maybe this is proprietary?" Do you charge it within a day like you guys or is it weeks? How long does it take it actually charge it, is a charge there forever?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: The charge is indeed there forever except when you were to change anything in the block that is electronic that you use in conjunction with EMF, then we say after three to four months more or less, you should recharge it because it does lose some charge, which has to do with the constant EMF interaction. Because EMFs tend to suck quantum energy out of objects. Now that doesn't happen though if you charge your watch or if you charge a ring, anything like that wouldn't ever lose its charge really. And the blocks themselves also never lose their charge. Literally a block you can put underneath a 5G tower and even after 10, 20 years, it wouldn't have lost the charge. As a matter of fact, it would harmonize the 5G Tower [laughs].

Melanie Avalon: Wow, earlier you were talking about destabilizing other things, so is there any potential for it to get affected negatively, for its charge to get different or for it to pick up some other charge? Is there any potential for that?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: So, none of the products that we provide take on other energies. In return, what they do is they harmonize the surroundings depending on the radius of the product, we're talking about the blocks and the blocks obviously are the most powerful products that we have. They have a quite large radius, I mean, your travel block that you have, even though it's very small, it has a radius of about 150 meters, but the EMF harmonization and neutralization happens, I would say about, 65 to 70 meters in radius, so that's quite large. And then the Infinity Block, that's the one that has three plates on the top and three on the bottom, that has a radius of a kilometer, which is about 3000 feet and about 40% of that, in terms of the radius it neutralizes EMF.

Melanie Avalon: I traveled recently and I literally brought this with me, because I've very much experienced, like I said, the effects of having it with me on my sleep, I'm going to start doing this. So, if I want to charge my supplements that I'm taking every morning like my serrapeptase, how long do I put the bottle in it to charge it?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yep. So those are in the-- By the way, all these products are extremely simple to use, literally every five- or six years old can use them without any real training, you don't need to program anything, you don't have to be an expert in quantum technology in order to use them. It's very simple, then a lot of questions come up as you start using them because you're wondering, "Oh, all these different materials, how long do I charge them? And now you have that question that many people have, okay, I want to charge supplements for how long. And this is about 30, 45 seconds, at the most is what I would recommend already after 15 to 20 seconds. That should usually be enough with supplements because they absorb quantum energy pretty well. And you don't want to overcharge them either. So, that will be my recommendation. And we have a whole list of charging times actually listed on our website.

Melanie Avalon: "Oh, that's helpful."

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, and then we have a Telegram group, which is a private user group where people can ask questions just because-- to understand this correctly, these are not just products and this is also not just about EMF. EMF is just a nice positive side effect that all of our products mitigate EMF. But it's by far and large, not the main application, it's just a nice add on. It's maybe 10% of what the products do. And it's a key technology and a key technology, truly a key technology you can basically use and leverage in most other industries as well. You could charge your jewelries with it, you could structure water with it, you could put your hands in there and improve your blood. I mean the use cases are so broad that it's impossible to just provide a little manual and then you have everything that you will ever have in terms of questions answered. That's why we have these groups where people then share what they just discovered, for example, they eliminated a food allergy for crabmeat by charging the crabmeat and the Infiniti Bloc or real story here, by the way, and another real story, someone found out that his autistic child improves suddenly significantly across all behavior measures by using the Infinity Bloc, and then we hear these things and then as we hear that a lot, then we start to facilitate a study to provide more guidance and knowledge around that. And then vice versa, people that are new, ask questions "Okay, so what about my orange juice that I drink in the morning? How long do I put it in the Infinity Bloc and things like that."

Melanie Avalon: On your website, you have links and we'll put links in the show notes to this but on your website, you have links to the research that you have conducted, which is very, very fascinating. I liked a lot of it that use dark field microscopy, so looking at the blood and how it is affected by-- in the setup, it would look at basically the effect of Wi-Fi and EMF on the blood and then a Sham device compared to the blocks, for example, and how it affected things. Could you tell listeners a little bit about the work that you've done and what was found?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, so first a very quick intro into lifeblood analysis, or dark field microscopy, it's the same thing, basically, just two descriptions. And with that, you can look at the actual blood of a person. And you can see the blood cells, the red blood cells, the white blood cells, you can even see things like parasitic load, and blood clotting, and things like that. It's an absolutely amazing tool to diagnose and to look at the overall health of someone. And it was actually widely used here in the US a long time ago. About 20 years ago, they started to implement an annual license fee to use a darkfield microscope for diagnostics, which is $100,000 per year. And at that point, people started to not use it anymore very frequently, and really stopped using it because what regular practitioner can afford that? But it's still widely used in Europe and in some other places. And it's amazing, absolutely amazing because there's actually no other method that can visualize your blood in real time, frankly. And you can see in real-time, what certain measures or devices or even medications, pharmaceuticals, supplements, etc., have on your physical body. Things like Wi-Fi, you can easily test as an example because you can look at the blood of someone, when that someone is in a non-Wi-Fi environment, suddenly you turn Wi-Fi on, and you could look at the blood and see how it's changing, how it's moving towards blood clotting, how white blood cells get paralyzed, and so on, and so on.

And frankly, that happens in pretty much 100% of the cases, I would say it's probably 99.5% of the cases because some people are not really impacted by EMFs. If you are one of those healers that we have in our network for example then those people can sleep under a 5G tower and are not affected. But that has a different reason, it's just their unlocked consciousness. Usually, everyday people are all affected by it and we see it also in our studies. And then you can introduce our device, which was done in those-- first we did just some tests, first it was at doctor's office in Austria that took our products and they had their patients and they did before and after testing and they found out each time there were significant results. And then we went in and said, "Okay, that's amazing, but before and after tests, just some random tests don't really prove that it works, we need to have placebo-controlled studies that are single-blind and double-blind." And that's basically what has happened now that the various blocks were all studied in this regard with statistical significance, by the way. So, what were the findings? The findings were, for example, that stage 1 and stage 2 of blood clotting was able to be reversed each time that occurred in just 10 minutes, that white blood cell activity and motility increased, that literally everything that you can see in the blood in regards to red blood cells and white blood cells improved, so the blood was more oxygenated, there was less risk of heart attack and heart disease and all of that.

And in the latest studies, they even looked at things like parasitic load and cholesterol levels. And also those decreased quite significantly by exposure to the block. And just we're talking minutes here so what I'm talking about is within 5 to 15 minutes. And so, that's quite profound. And what's also interesting for the regular individual out there is the picture of the blood, if you look at it, you can see some of that on our website, by the way, the before and after pictures. It's very visible, you don't need to be an expert really to see the significant differences that it makes in terms of unhealthy blood and healthy blood. And yeah, that's pretty much the story about the darkfield microscope work, the lifeblood analysis.

Melanie Avalon: So, in those studies, the setup of it, was it exposure to Wi-Fi and then utilization of the Sham or the active block? Or was it exposure while having the Sham or the active block? Was it studying mitigation or was it studying recovery from the EMF afterwards?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, so there were always three tests done. One was a before test where someone was just tested, they came in and there was a non-Wi-Fi environment. And to get basically a base reading, how is the blood of that person and then they introduced Wi-Fi, and then there was either a Sham device or the real device. And the people had no clue. There were different tests by the way, also some studies were where you put your hands in there in the device and others where you were literally just-- you didn't touch the device at all, you were literally just in proximity, somehow. And so, you had the second test with Wi-Fi on. And then there was a third test that was with Wi-Fi still on, but our device either the Sham device or the real device introduced. And, yeah, so you could literally see the mitigation of 100% of all the visible negative effects of EMF, you could see that within 10 minutes, all of that in 100% of the cases was mitigated. And in many cases, actually more than that because the improvements were, in many cases actually went so far that they were more than before the first test, and all within 10 minutes. So, they had a full improvement across the board, not only just the mitigation of all the reversal of all the impacts of EMF.

Melanie Avalon: So, was this all conducted at the same time? Because it talked about in the study of how the Sham device could have been partially activated by the real device. So, how do you separate those two? Could you do it on different days?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, first of all, I want to mention that there were different doctor's offices and labs that performed these studies that were in Europe and in the US. And indeed, so with our technology, as soon as you have one of those blocks assembled, then they have this radius. And then they positively impact anyone that's already in the room or in the same house. So, indeed, those need to be de-assembled. And in many cases, you can't have more than just a couple of people come per day to get tested just because of these effects. Because that's very important to have actual good readings that no one is impacted by an assembled block that's sitting next door.

Melanie Avalon: So, you did it separately or did some people do it within--

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Well, we didn't do anything at all, we're never even part of the study. I would find that absolutely ridiculous if we were the ones performing a study or even participating. No, we provide the products and then the institute's or the doctor's offices. In the US it was Dr. Beverly Rubik, they conduct the study, they do everything. And that's totally up to them to do it. And we're not involved at all other than that we provide our products. And then we wait for a phone call at some point when the study is over where they tell us what the results are.

Melanie Avalon: The patients that are selected, so it noted that they selected older people in general. I was wondering why that was and also the people who were selected, do they know the nature of the study or were they just random people? I'm wondering about the placebo effect.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, so the placebo effect was completely ruled out because in some of the studies, by-- I mean all of the studies by Dr. Beverly Rubik, a Sham device was used. So, you rule out completely the placebo effect and they were double-blind and single-blind. And the person never knew actually what was going on [laughs]. They had no idea other than that their blood was analyzed, but that was really all that they knew. And then with the BESA Institute in Europe, those studies were all completely double-blind, where neither the people that were tested had any idea what this was about, and when/or if something would even happen nor was the person that was actually guiding them in the room. Also had no idea when there was anything turned on in terms of our devices. Yeah, so the placebo effect was completely ruled out.

Melanie Avalon: One of the tests you were doing, I think it was with the H.E.A.L. Capsule, but it was mentioning that you could actually eliminate cesium-137 from water. I was wondering what were the implications of that and did you actually test that in the water?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, I think we're probably talking about the blocks here because indeed-- What the nature of the blocks is that they neutralize any frequencies that are harmful or destructive to life. And that could be herbicides, could be pesticides, could obviously be also things like cesium-137, and others. On a frequency level that is what's happening. And that was tested actually with water, with actual test persons, and also with snow. So, there were various tests done by the BESA Institute that showed neutralization of that. And that's been now validated by various other methods interestingly, whether it's the Emoto Institute that tests the water, etc. And I can, today also share some more news in regards to food allergies. And it's the same principle that the blocks work on that. You put a substance in there and the waveform patterns off that substance that beforehand, were still detrimental or destructive, or somewhat hurtful to the human body are being harmonized in a way that after that, it's a non-issue.

Melanie Avalon: I'm trying to understand the cesium element is it gone or it just has a different harmonization?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: There we actually did various physical tests, and on a physical level, in some cases it was reduced, in other cases it was not physically reduced, but in all cases on a frequency level, so what the measurable result on the human body was 100% mitigated because sometimes you have a difference in terms of measuring still the physical substance. But as long as the physical substance doesn't have an effect anymore, negative effect, you still mitigated the effect of it, if that makes sense. And you can measure that.

Melanie Avalon: Like the radiation that it's giving off is mitigated?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes.

Melanie Avalon: Okay, what's up with the food sensitivity studies.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, that's one of the really new things that we've put a focus on because we've heard from so many different people in our Telegram group from customers basically and out of the community, that they were able to eliminate food allergies that they've had for either their whole life or for many years. And that was repeatedly happening until last year at the Biohacking Conference-- Dave Asprey's Big Biohacking Conference in Orlando. We did a demonstration live on stage in front of over 100 people were biohacker Todd, who's severely allergic to crabmeat, to honey, and to avocado, he had fallen out at home each time he charges any of these substances in the Infinity Bloc that he could tolerate them with no problem. And then at very first, he thought that the food allergy was gone completely. But then, he tested the substance without charging and he had an allergic reaction as usual. But then again, he charged it and no reaction. So, live on stage, we did that where a scientist, [unintelligible [00:44:13] dermaroller test with crabmeat into Todd's left arm, and immediately there was a very, very strong allergic reaction very visible, the same crabmeat live on stage, we put in the Infinity Bloc in that case for six minutes, now we know that four minutes is usually enough, but for six minutes at the time, then put that charged crabmeat into his other arm, no reaction. And so then, of course, we told people and I'm still doing that today. Do not try that at home because we don't have enough studies yet in order to provide an accurate guidance. So, that's really at your own risk, we recommend to not try that at home. 

However, there are people that [laughs] keep testing it, can keep reporting that and we've heard so much more. Now we've given the travel block to a naturopathic clinic in Germany that has one big focus area is actually allergies and food allergies. And they have a $40,000 device or $45,000 device that they're using to actually test allergies on people and also are able to test allergic responses. And you know how severe they are. And they've just reported back and I had a phone call with that doctor this morning, actually, to hear even more about it. And they tested eight different food allergies. And in each case, there was a reduction in allergy response between 65% and 95%. And things like gluten, for example. Gluten, by the way, it was always a minimum 75% reduction in allergy response. And then she even tested other things like sugar, you cannot have an allergic response to sugar. But we know that sugar still has a quite stressful effect on the human body, it's not a healthy substance, even though it doesn't provide an allergic response.

And they were able to also test that by charging, and then the sugary items or the sugar itself in the travel block, the bettering was between also 75% to 85%. And it came out also this morning that they only charged the substances for three minutes in the travel block, where we had already tested that four minutes is the way to go. The next round of testing will actually do four minutes, maybe the results will be even better. And the follow up of this is that there will be the larger study conducted, so that we have a whole lot more data points, and that we can start to provide some guidance because there's obviously a lot of different substances that need to be tested and then there are also so many different people. So, we'll try to get a much larger sample size but it's very, very promising. And shows again that if you put something in there the waveform patterns really change after you charge it in the block.

Melanie Avalon: It's really, really fascinating. And it reminds me of a study. And I wish I had it in front of me. But it looked at people with I think poison ivy allergies. And I think it was kids, and they did it on both arms and they told them, basically they would expose them to poison ivy and tell them it wasn't poison ivy, or they would expose them to not poison ivy and tell them it was poison ivy. And it was really, really shocking basically whether or not they reacted was more based on if they thought it was poison ivy or not, rather than if it actually was poison ivy. So, how do we know that isn't just what is happening here that people think it's charged in the block? So, they think they're not going to react to it? How do we control for that?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Well, that's 100% mitigated by the testing device, because the people don't even know what's being tested for. So yeah, that is already covered. There's no placebo effect whatsoever in that regard because the device can measure it. Regarding the poison ivy, while that sounds interesting, I know that our son had poison ivy, and he had no clue that poison ivy even existed [laughs]. It was extremely severe, so we made a really different observation there.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah, no, very, very valid.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: But I can tell you another story just that happened about four weeks ago, that we just heard of someone that we met at a conference, there was someone that got stung by a wasp, and he has an almost deadly allergy against that. And he said rightaway, I have to go to the hospital rightaway. And then this other guy had an Infinity Bloc with them. And he said, "Okay, so on the way there, just put your hand here in the Infinity Bloc where the wasp had stung him and he was like "What?" I mean, that's not going to do anything "He said just go do it and let's drive." And at the moment where they arrived at the hospital, all of it was gone. So, it's quite profound frankly. This is something-- don't try that at home. Do not go to the hospital. Because these are the things-- we talk about the blood this has been studied backward and forwards, heart rate variability, all of these things we can really claim because they happen in 100% of the cases and we yet have to find a single person where it doesn't happen. But food allergies, reactions to wasps and other bugs is something that we don't know enough about yet other than that there are effects, there are people that are reporting this, but we just need to conduct proper studies. And until then, we will say, don't use our devices for that.

Melanie Avalon: With the Biohacking Conference and the crab, did he know which crab was coming from the block?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, he knew.

Melanie Avalon: Okay, so that might have played a small effect. I guess it's hard to know.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, I actually don't think so, first of all because repeatedly this is happening. And, again, now we were getting the evidence in from the clinic in Germany where there's literally-- I mean people have no clue.

Melanie Avalon: Yeah, and I'm just asking all these questions because I just know these are what I think about and what I feel a lot of people will be wondering about, "Okay, you're talking about how people report very similar things." And this is going to sound so woo-woo. But I mentioned it in my intro, do people report actually feeling energy or feeling something from it? Because, I really do, I mean, even during this, I was putting my hand inside of the travel block and it's-- I don't even want to say it because it sounds so not scientific, but I just I feel good and I feel a weird tingly feeling. And that's what I've been experiencing, especially wearing the H.E.A.L. Capsule. So, how do people report how it actually just makes them feel in the moment?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, and it's great that you mentioned that because in the end of the day, not everything in life is scientific. It really starts with observing something and then you can get into the science and start to repeat these observations and validate them. But we actually have the whole spectrum, we have probably hundreds of healers, that use our products because they can see energy, they know what the products do, and they see it, they feel it, they sense it, they know it. And then you have everything in between and then the completely another end of the spectrum where you have people that don't feel anything, they literally don't feel anything they have-- but those are usually the people that also can't feel themselves anymore, which is very common nowadays, interestingly, and people have completely unlearned how to how to feel themselves because there's so much in their brain and in the five senses, and they're just so rational, and those people have a really hard time feeling the energy. What happens is that usually those people-- because our devices really work on the consciousness level at first? Yeah, we're talking of all these physical results because that's what you can measure, that's what you can verify and study, the consciousness aspect is pretty hard to verify but in essence that's what it's working on. But it does support anyone that uses these products over time to unlock more of their own consciousness. Also, the access to their inner feeling and energy perception actually increases over time.

So, these people then feel more or they notice other things, or they go to a naturopathic doctor that is testing them with the capsule, without the capsule. And it's always the same result. And we have the Women's Booster Capsule, for example, for this we haven't done a study in regards to the impact on the women's period. But we've heard from countless women actually even some big influencers that reported that their symptoms when usually they had a period, that is just such a hard time. And now that they started using in the Women's Booster Capsule that they had a totally smooth period out of nowhere and the only thing they changed was the capsule and several of those then actually had someone that can test at their disposal. And they were testing out that it indeed was the capsule. We have the whole spectrum of what people notice. But then if they don't notice something, usually they find out after a few weeks looking back what has changed or they find someone that can test things for them.

Melanie Avalon: Wow, gotcha, okay, yeah. Well, I definitely physically feel it. And what's interesting is, I think probably the first time, I put on the capsule or maybe used the block, one of my first experiences I had that feeling. And then what I noticed going forward is I would-- it's not I would put it on or expose myself to it and then feel it. I would just have it on like be wearing the capsule or something and then I would feel that feeling again and I would have forgotten that I was wearing it, and I'd be like "Oh wait there was that feeling." So, it was kind of in retrospect which I found really interesting. And a question about the capsule, because you sent me the beginnings of a study, which I don't know how much you can talk about autism. But it did mention in the study that the kids it was touching them. So, for the capsule, does it have to be touching you or if it's over your clothes, is that an issue?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, so it doesn't need to touch at all, it just needs to be relatively close to the body. That's really all that needs to happen. The capsules have about a 1 to 2 meter energetic field. And in some cases, a little bit more depending on how we charge them. And so that means if you hold them in your hands, if you have them in your pocket, or even if you have them in your purse, then already you have the positive effect in regards to that. We do recommend, the very best use for them is indeed to really wear them around the neck so that you have the capsule relatively close to the heart chakra because that has just the greatest effect. But at the same time, it's not necessary to do it that way.

Melanie Avalon: Okay, yeah, the thing I'm torn about with it, I literally want to wear it 24/7. It's just really heavy. around my neck. I'm like "Oh, I don't know if I can keep wearing this 24/7." So, I've been alternating and holding it and wearing it as a bracelet.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, we've heard this from some women, actually, including my wife, also saying, after some time it just gets too heavy. We haven't heard that by any man but I think the nature of the body and what we're working on is actually a smaller capsule for women. Same style, exactly same style, but it's smaller, and it's less heavy, and will also have less fears in there. And the trick for us was to actually find a way to do that without compromising on the power of it and we found a way to do it. And I think in the beginning of next year, we'll have that available.

Melanie Avalon: Oh, okay, that's very exciting. Yeah, as I mentioned, I really feel I've experienced really good things with it. So, I've been just playing with how to keep it more present in my life, that charged part of the capsule, inside of it are these titanium balls? What's the role of the balls versus the capsule?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Mm-hmm, yeah, good question. The capsule itself is charged with specific frequencies that are beneficial to the human body. So, in the case of the H.E.A.L. Capsule, it's some etheric healing frequencies as well as the molecular frequencies of the most important vitamins, minerals, and organic plant extracts for the human body, whether male or female does'nt matter. And then the titanium spheres, they're charged with just pure quantum energies and if you put the spheres inside the capsule, these spheres they act like a booster, so they boost all the frequencies, so that indeed they're available in this field of one to two meters, and sometimes a little more that are referenced earlier. Meaning that your energetic system and physical body have access at all times to these beneficial frequencies. And whatever you need, you can basically take in and frequency is nothing else but information. You can interchange these words frankly. And it's the information that you have available. And frankly, if you ingest the vitamin C pill, then what ends up in the core of the cell is not any part of that physical substance. It's just the inflammation of vitamin C. That's what arrives in the core of the cell. Now with the capsule, it's basically frequency medicine or quantum frequency medicine, where you bypass the ingestion process, and you just provide the information. And it doesn't work exactly like the physical substance. For some people "Yes." So, I would say maybe 5 to 10% of the people "Yes it does." And they can even get rid of their physical supplementation altogether and just maintain optimal vitamin and mineral levels. But the vast majority of the people still need physical supplementation. But now using the frequencies, those supplements actually work way better, they have a much greater effect. And they can usually also reduce the supplementation. may be from seven days a week previously they go to three or four days a week, and then play around with them. And that's probably dependent a little bit on each individual.

Melanie Avalon: That's interesting to hear. Now I'm wondering because in some of the studies, I think from the BESA, is it the B-E-S-A? whathever you say, BESA Institute, they were talking about introducing "Toxic information." I was assuming that was telling people stuff but what is toxic information?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Oh yeah, the BESA Institute, they have various different testing methods, one is lifeblood analysis, darkfield microscopy and then they have an advanced deca vol method, which is called the BESA method, it's where they do various things so they can measure the cellular voltage of the body and the specific organs, even the skin, etc. But then they can actually also, by measuring with this advanced deca vol method at the acupuncture points, they can expose people to specific, harmful toxic substances without the person needing to ingest them, they can see the reaction because the physical body reacts rightaway actually. If you give them a toxic substance in your hand that works always in 100% of the cases it's literally crazy. At some point, you may want to just see that in life in real-time because it's no matter you can talk to anybody on the street and have them do the tests, each time you give them like a vial with a very toxic substance, you will see the reaction if you give them a vial of something completely nontoxic, you'll have a completely different reaction, and so on and so on. That's how that was done. That's the so-called BESA method. And that's not where the person actually knows what he's holding. He has no clue, it's always blind.

Melanie Avalon: Okay. Very cool. Yeah, I was not sure what that was. That is very interesting. Can you talk at all about the autism study?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yes, yes, absolutely. It's just not published yet. That's the only thing. We can't share really anything in writing at this point yet, but well, we can talk about it already. That was a study with 42 kids. I guess initially, I mentioned that there was someone in the group that had reported these beneficial results with their autistic kid. And then the doctor from this functional medicine clinic in India heard about that and then they ran some tests with our products and found those to be extremely beneficial. And then they reached out to us and asked if we would be willing to provide products and product support for a clinical study with autistic kids because that's what they're focused on. All they do all day long as they work with autistic kids. And for the people that don't know much about autistic kids and autism in general, these parents usually are-- they're desperate, very desperate, because there's not much you can do, there isn't really anything that you can do, and the kids usually don't speak, they have a really hard time speaking, their attention span is extremely low. And then they have tons of other issues including a lot of issues with their gut, parasites, and so on and it's just a dilemma. We didn't know much about it and we had only heard from this one parent reporting the positive results. And we said, sure, we'll help. And what came out of this is actually quite amazing results. Already at the midterm, they shared that 70% of the kids showed significant improvements. And after the study has been completed, it's been shown that the so-called ATEC scores, A-T-E-C, those are scores and how you can actually measure where someone is on the autism spectrum, in terms of really tough on the spectrum or rather towards the normal end of the spectrum.

And yeah, kids were, I guess, started in the high 90s. And they had the baseline treatment that already the functional medicine clinic has been working on for years and they've been always able to reduce the ATEC scores by about 10 points across the board, but they couldn't go any further. That's basically what they could do and that's the specific supplementation program actually that they're using. And so that was also used in this study pretty much as the baseline because that's what they always do and use. And then on top of that are remote charging, they call it quantum healing, in the study was used I think for three months. And then after that for another three months a special capsule was provided to the kids. So that was not the regular Heal Capsule that you can get on the website. It was a capsule specifically charged with frequencies on an etheric and molecular level that are beneficial for autistic kids, so I was very targeted. And yes, the results were fantastic because the quantum healing, the distance charging further reduced the ATEC scores by another 10 points, and so did the capsule treatment, you can say, in the following three months. So, which meant that overall, on average, among these 42 kids, they almost went towards normal levels. I mean they were not in the normal spectrum quite yet, but very, very close, which is quite phenomenal. And, yeah, so that was across the board. So, what was measured attention span, focus, their parasitic load, then certainly their language and speaking abilities was measured, which improved across the board. And that's something we've been hearing, not only through the study also from other people, where they say suddenly now the kid started talking again. And then emotional outbreaks is another thing that was measured and several others, but those were the most important ones, where there were significant improvements over all that time.

Melanie Avalon: Was compliance an issue or difficult to achieve? I can just imagine with kids with autism, it might be hard to have them do things. Do you know how it actually went down?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, with the distant charging that's no problem at all because the kids-- by the way, it's blind because the kids don't know, I mean, they have no clue and they had no clue with remote charging, and they didn't have to do anything for that either. It's really nothing that they needed to do. But with a capsule that was indeed something where they had to wear the capsule. But we were told, we were debating at first, should we give them a specific card that they put in the pocket, but we were told the best would be to just have this necklace around their neck, and then they would just have it there. And they usually don't take it off. And so that was relatively easy. I mean, we haven't heard of a single kid that had trouble wearing the capsule or didn't want it at a matter of fact, it seemed to be something that they really wanted to wear, they were liking it.

Melanie Avalon: Do you think you'll develop, because you said you had a specific capsule for them? Do you think you'll make that something available to the general public in the future?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: We've been asked that before and it's somewhat of a fine line that we're walking here because we don't want to focus on specific diseases because we're not a medical device company and we also don't want to be a medical device company. And so, our products just by nature are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or health condition. However, they do help on a very general level. But if we develop something specifically for autism, then we need to be a little bit mindful around that. We may well release it frankly because that's really our mission also is to help. And that's where we're coming from, but we need to be probably very mindful and creative in how we release it and how we call it.

Melanie Avalon: I can't even imagine what you must experience with this technology with rules and regulations. I just know, with creating my own supplement line, what I've experienced learning about the FDA and stuff like that, what has been your experience bringing this to market and in particular in the US? And do you face backlash or barriers? How is that existence?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, we haven't had any negative occurrences at all at this point. But obviously, they're barriers in what you can say. We try to be proactive around these things. We don't want to make claims where we can't make claims or what we're not allowed to make claims until the world changes in that regard. We are being mindful  and we're being proactive. Even that to the point we used to have a card called Allergy Relief booster frequency card and we took it off the market and we're rebranding it just because apparently Allergy Relief is something we're--

Melanie Avalon: Medical.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, the FDA doesn't like it. If you were a big pharmaceutical company, you could probably say all you want and provide whatever you want, but we need to be mindful.

Melanie Avalon: I'm glad you brought up the cards because you do have these cards and they'll say on them. I've have one, in front of me right now that says, Inner Peace. So, what's going on? Like are the cards charged specifically to just create that effect? And how do you use the cards? Are they for your wallet?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, it's different frequencies that we create together with our healer network and they are etheric frequencies as well as molecular frequencies that we're using. And with our technology, we can then basically press these frequencies into these metal cards. And they're on top of that upcharged with quantum energy, which again provides a field of about 30 to 40 centimeters around the card. So, you would want to have the cards very close to the body, so it should be in the pocket, if you want to use them at night, then underneath the pillow, a bed sheet, those are good places for that. And the frequencies are always developed for specific use cases. In regards to the Inner Peace card, the use case really is if someone has panic attacks, fear, anxiety, stress, that's where the Inner Peace card comes in, because the Inner Peace card carries the signal to really get into this inner peace that we have available at all times and to expand-- So, basically, it helps calm the mind, it helps to be in balance. It's been reported even by kids that have difficulties in test situations where they knew everything about the math, but then there's the math test, and then they get stuck, and they just can't download the information anymore. And that's because they're energetically cramping because of the stress they have with the situation. Now, the card relaxes the system in that sense, but it doesn't do that in an unnatural way like a pill would do. It's not like a band-aid in that sense. It really just stimulates our natural ability to relax into the situation and to be balanced. And then suddenly, you can also download such information again. And that's pretty much how the frequency cards work there for different use cases. And yeah, we have a lot of those.

Melanie Avalon: So, how do you personally use your technology every day in your life?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, we use it every day, obviously, just by the blocks, being in our home and office, we always have a positive energetic environment, we have a greenhouse, that we actually have done a lot of testing in because with the blocks, you can also really support plant growth and vegetable growth. To a point where we've been posting pictures of the zucchinis that we harvested in the last several weeks. We posted that in the Telegram group and they're massive, I don't know if anyone has ever seen such big zucchini, I at least hadn't ever seen it anything that big. So, that's what we use it for. On a regular basis also, we would charge our hands. We have a kid of 14-year-old who is actually now 15 since yesterday and he's riding motocross and motocross races. And he broke his wrists, both of his wrists in the beginning of November last year, and then went to the hospital and the doctor said, "Okay, so everything is broken including your growth plates that are completely shattered. So, this will be another seven months until you will even start slowly going back onto your bike because his first question was so "When can I ride again?" And he said yes, no way beforehand. And then long story short, after two months he was already riding again. And one week later, he had his first race after that with approval from that very same doctor because everything had healed perfectly--

Melanie Avalon: In a week?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: --no, no, no that was in two months. I think it was after two months and in one week that he was riding a race versus the eight or nine months the doc had told him about. And I don't want to say that our device healed this all, but definitely accelerated it and we used it for the first three weeks straight every day, multiple times a day for his risk. And we use it on a very, very regular basis. With a travel block, my wife, she's gluten sensitive. If we travel, we were in Italy in the summer and sometimes she just doesn't want to avoid gluten just because it's also fun to eat just a regular pizza bread that's on the table. So, we always use the travel block and have with us.

Melanie Avalon: Wow, I'm envisioning myself now bringing it to restaurants and like charging my food when they bring it out.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: It's a good conversation starter, I can tell you that.

Melanie Avalon: Putting my steak inside of it. "Oh my goodness gracious." Well, this has been so enlightening, so fascinating. I've really been looking forward to it and I've really been enjoying the experience that I've had with the products and you're so kind so I know a lot of listeners are probably going to want to check this out for themselves and bring some of this technology into their own life. You can actually get 10% off sitewide. The link for that is melanieavalon.com/leela. That's L-E-E-L-A and that will redirect to their website, and the code, MELANIE10 will get you 10% off sitewide. So, I really, really appreciate that. Thank you so much for that. So, what's the actual link for your website? And how can people best follow your work? What links would you to put out there?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Yeah, two things. One is leelaq.com. That's L-E-E-L-A-Q dotcom. And obviously that's a good resource. But then there's a Telegram group, it's a private group. So, you can't find it on Telegram if you search food. But you can either find it on our website if you look for this Telegram icon and click on it. But also I'll send you that invite link, so you can share it with the audience. There we have over 5500 members by now in this private group, that all are using the products and experimenting with them, sharing and learning and it's just a great group with a great vibe. And you can ask around what is your experience with the products, etc. And you will get very helpful answers. And also, if someone has a product and is just getting into it that's a great resource and where to post questions. And yeah, that's where I encourage to just go and learn a little bit more about the whole topic.

Melanie Avalon: Awesome. well, I will put links to all of that in the show notes. And again, the code MELANIE10, will get you 10% off sitewide at melanieavalon.com/leela. And well, thank you so much Philipp, this has been so, so, amazing. I am so fascinated by all of this, I'm very, very grateful that you are-- like I was talking about in the beginning, really bridging the gap between practical applications of the quantum energy and quantum healing making it really accessible to people and then also putting in the energy and effort to do that research, which I think is so, so, important and making all of this valid and seeing what is valid. So, thank you, and the last question that I ask every single guest on this show. And it's just because I realize more and more each day how important mindset is, so what is something that you're grateful for?

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: Well, I'm grateful for my life as a whole, for my family, and also for being able to do what I'm doing in my professional life now that we're working on these products and developing them and helping people that's something that I'm very, very grateful for. And on a bigger scale, I'm grateful for the time we're living in, where there's a big shift happening in mindset and consciousness and awakening and it's a little bit dark on one end, but it's very, very light and bright on the other end as well. That's what I tend to focus on.

Melanie Avalon: Well, thank you so much. This has been so wonderful. I will look forward to all future updates. I can't wait till you release the Women's Heal Capsule. I'm going to be all over that. So, thank you and we will have to stay in touch and have a beautiful rest of the day.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff Fehling: You too. Thanks so much for having me on.

Melanie Avalon: Thanks, Philipp. Bye.

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