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Trick Yourself Into Burning More Calories! (The Milkshake Study)

By melanieavalon / August 16, 2015

  Deluding yourself is usually not a good thing… except when it’s a good thing. A 2011 study conducted at Yale, found that perception of calorie intake influences the body’s hormonal and metabolic response to calorie intake. Check out my YouTube Video on the study, or just keep reading! The study administered a 380 calorie milkshake to 46 participants, in two separate […]


Why You Eat Things You Don’t Even Like

By melanieavalon / February 6, 2015

While we may believe we’re in control of what we do each day, an estimated 40-45% of our actions are actually habits. Yep, a large portion of our day runs on an intensely dedicated autopilot, resistant to change. As discussed in Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, habits function in a cue-routine-reward loop. We experience a trigger for our habit (the […]


Why You Might Think Broccoli And Brussels Sprouts Taste Bitter

By melanieavalon / July 25, 2014

My mom hates Brussels sprouts, which is why she never made them for us growing up. I didn’t try one of them until a year or so ago (and LOVED it personally). But if you don’t like Brussels sprouts or broccoli or a few certain other green veggies, there may be a scientific reason for that! Cruciferous vegetables […]


Drinking Wine Preserves Muscle Mass, Blocks Fat Cells?

By melanieavalon / March 7, 2014

While a nice glass of red wine won’t build muscle or chip away at pre-existing fat stores, it may counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and prevent fat storage! In a 2011 study, scientists trying to find a way to counteract an astronaut’s lack of exercise, found that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in […]


Does Caffeine Automatically Burn Fat?

By melanieavalon / February 21, 2014

I’d been contemplating this very random concept for QUITE awhile, and I just happened to come across the very study addressing it. Good moment. (Though I was actually looking for studies concerning alcohol’s effect on the sedentary individual. Next time!) Caffeine is known to increase energy expenditure (EE) and lipolysis (fat burning), but is that […]


Study Finds Eating Sugar Makes You Hangry

By melanieavalon / February 19, 2014

I am loving this study I just found in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine! Not only is it brand-spanking new (Feb 2014), but it addresses the common experience of being “hangry” (though not in such terms). While I haven’t been hangry in a long time, oh how I remember it well! In my carb-laden pre-fasting days, my […]

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