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Can You See the Color Blue?

By melanieavalon / June 25, 2016

Look at the color wheel below. Can you quickly identify the blue square? Before you pat yourself on the back with glorious ideas of keen color perception… it’s pretty likely that you can. (Unless you’re color blind and didn’t realize it, in which case… #moment?) But here’s the thing: in scientific studies, cultures which don’t […]


Intermittent Fasting Fears: Will I End Up Over Eating?

By melanieavalon / November 10, 2015

A common fear with¬†intermittent fasting¬†is that, by temporarily restricting your eating, you’ll become ravenously hungry and end up overeating¬†way more¬†than you would normally, doing more harm than good. Come meal time, all hell will break lose as you stuff your face to oblivion. Nobody needs that! But is this case? While doing research for my […]


The Bottomless Soup Bowl

By melanieavalon / November 7, 2015

When it comes to food and fullness, perception is everything, and environmental cues matter. In¬†a 2005 study¬†conducted by Cornell University professors, 54 participants attended a lunch. Half of the participants ate tomato soup from normal bowls, while the other half unowingly ate from magical self-refilling bowls. No matter how much soup they ate, the bowl […]

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