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Dr. Chris Shade: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Mercury Sources, Safe Fish Consumption, Testing Methods, The Nervous System/Mind Connection To Detox, Glutathione, Fiber And Binders, The Perfect Diet For Detox, AMPK Activators, And More!

By melanieavalon / November 15, 2019

‚ÄčThe Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #15 – Dr. Chris Shade ‚ÄčListen on iTunes ‚ÄčListen on Himalaya ‚ÄčGET PODCAST EMAIL UPDATES Christopher Shade, PhD, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, continues to be the driving force of development and innovation. Dr. Shade‚Äôs vast depth and breadth of knowledge, passion for healing, and intuitive understanding of chemistry […]

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