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On Birthday Cake Declination And Fruit Consideration

By melanieavalon / November 9, 2015

CAKE It’s been 6 years in the making, but I believe this may be the first birthday completely free of cake temptation. Every prior birthday/ celebration/ etc. I’ve always battled a slight inkling of, “Oh maybe I should indulge on this special occasion.” #Funfetti But at this point, what I eat normally tastes just as fantastic as cake. Seriously. With Paleo […]


Study Finds Eating Sugar Makes You Hangry

By melanieavalon / February 19, 2014

I am loving this study I just found in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine! Not only is it brand-spanking new (Feb 2014), but it addresses the common experience of being “hangry” (though not in such terms). While I haven’t been hangry in a long time, oh how I remember it well! In my carb-laden pre-fasting days, my […]