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Your Gut And You Part III – Diet And Supplement Solutions

By melanieavalon / August 18, 2015

  If all the gloom and doom of inflammatory conditions (Part I) and gut microbiome dysbiosis (Part II) freaked you out a smidge, have no fear! It’s never too late to take things into your own hands (literally). Here are some solutions to help cool inflammation and restore gut happiness! A happy gut is a happy you! (Also, quite literally.) DIET An […]


Your Gut And You, Part II – The Gut Microbiome

By melanieavalon / August 11, 2015

Time to look at the Gut Microbiome! IN Part I of this gutsy series, I discussed how what we eat determines levels of inflammation and disease. But there’s another chapter in the story, which plays an equally important role. If you thought the fact that 80% of the immune system is in the gut was crazy, consider this: about 90% of […]


Your Gut And You, Part I: Inflammation And The Immune System

By melanieavalon / July 28, 2015

The more I experiment, struggle, fail and succeed with my own health, the more I appreciate the intensity of the gut/brain/life connection. In fact, if I’ve learned one thing in this whole crazy Paleo adventure, it’s that most disease – and the state of health in general – relates to your gut. And what goes […]


Resist Starch… Unless It’s Resistant!

By melanieavalon / January 3, 2015

In a previous post, I discussed the precarious support behind a high fiber diet. To briefly recap, a vast and unsupported assumption crediting fiber with colon cancer prevention fueled the “EAT MORE FIBER ALL THE TIME” mantra. However, I would like to add a caveat. Fiber may actually bear an extremely important relation to health, but […]