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Sup’s Up October??? (My Current Supplement Regime)

By melanieavalon / October 6, 2015

New idea! At the genesis of some months, I shall bring forth my current supplement regime. As I’m always obsessively trying different compounds for optimal performance, it could be interesting to see which supplements remain resolute, and which are fleeting flirtations. I’ll include all supplements I take on a DAILY basis, noting the “NEW” ones […]


Reader Q&A #6: Antibiotic Recovery, Intermittent Fasting + Hypoglycemia, Supplements and Timing

By melanieavalon / August 27, 2015

Today’s questions from What When Wine Diet readers cover an array of topics! Let’s dive right in, shall we? QUESTION #1: RECOVERING FROM ANTIBIOTICS Our first question comes from Chad in West Virginia, who wrote the review in my recent guest post! Chad had to take some antibiotics for a tooth infection, which disrupted his Intermittent Fasting routine, […]


Activated Charcoal Removes Toxins, Whitens Teeth!

By melanieavalon / June 27, 2015

In the supplement superhero world of toxin fighting, Activated Charcoal is Superman. Unlike most supplements, which give the body ingredients and tools to support health, aid body processes, or act as precursors to neurotransmitters, activated charcoal works on a very literal, physical level. Forget juice fasts and detox diets for “cleansing:” pop some activated charcoal instead! Allow […]


Fiber: Food’s Favorite Reality Star

By melanieavalon / August 5, 2014

Let’s zero in on fiber for a second. I like to think of fiber as a Reality TV star: quite famous, but of questionable merit. While not as deleterious to our health as the low-fat paradigm, the whole EAT MORE FIBER thing is a bit misleading. Fiber refers to indigestible carbohydrates found in the cell walls of plants. Fiber adds no […]


My Current Supplement Regime (March 2014)

By melanieavalon / March 14, 2014

Growing up, I always took a multivitamin, starting with the brightly colored, candy-esque Flintstones variety. We always ended up with a bottle full of orange vitamins at my house, given the pink > purple > orange hierarchy. These days, I’m not a big fan of pills. I believe our bodies are quite adept at assimilating nutrients in the […]


Does Caffeine Automatically Burn Fat?

By melanieavalon / February 21, 2014

I’d been contemplating this very random concept for QUITE awhile, and I just happened to come across the very study addressing it. Good moment. (Though I was actually looking for studies concerning alcohol’s effect on the sedentary individual. Next time!) Caffeine is known to increase energy expenditure (EE) and lipolysis (fat burning), but is that […]