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These 2 “Miracle Fruits” Hack Taste Buds, Stop Sugar Cravings!

By melanieavalon / June 8, 2016

Many of us struggle with #sweetproblems.¬†While lifestyle changes like a Paleo diet or a bit of intermittent fasting are great for killing sugar cravings, sometimes you just need¬†a sneaky little sugar hack.¬†Enter two different superstar fruits, both with the savvy nicknames of “Miracle Fruit.” Though these two miracle fruits do completely¬†opposite¬†things, they’re pretty nifty tools […]


On Birthday Cake Declination And Fruit Consideration

By melanieavalon / November 9, 2015

CAKE It’s been 6 years in the making, but I believe this may be the first birthday completely free of cake temptation. Every prior birthday/ celebration/ etc. I’ve always battled a¬†slight¬†inkling of, “Oh maybe I¬†should¬†indulge on this¬†special¬†occasion.” #Funfetti But at this point, what I eat normally tastes just as fantastic as cake. Seriously. With Paleo […]


A Sweet Guide To Scary Sugar

By melanieavalon / October 18, 2014

Now that¬†we’ve got fat out of the way, it’s sugars turn! Unlike fat, sugar is nasty stuff, promoting inflammation, oxidative stress, glycation, free radicals, and the “bad” type of cholesterol. Sugar is also strongly correlated to many forms of cancer. Perhaps most significantly, sugar instigates an insulin response, encouraging fat storage, obesity, and diabetes. While […]