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The Sleep Series Part 4: Sleep Perception

By melanieavalon / July 2, 2015

“How do you know if you’re really suffering from insomnia? The basic answer is simple: you have the problem if you think you do…”¬†– Janice Kennedy, 1986¬†Gazette¬† The haunting turmoil of sleeplessness may dwell completely in the mind,¬†granting insomnia a tormenting power, for how does one fight a phantasm? Yet our existence is our perception, […]


Sleep Series Part 3: Sleep Cycle App Review

By melanieavalon / March 22, 2015

Confession: I willingly let something watch me every night while I sleep…which brings us to the next chapter in my Sleep Series!¬†In Part I of this series, I discussed the various sleep stages.¬†In Part II, I analyzed how light and color affect these stages. Now it’s time to look at a way you can actually […]


Sleep Series Part 2: Light, Color, And Sleep Patterns

By melanieavalon / February 1, 2015

I used to hear stuff about light and color influencing sleep (“Don’t look at TVs before bed!”) and thought¬†yeah…doubt it.¬†After all, why would light exposure PRIOR to sleep affect actual asleep? If the lights were off when I finally got to bed, wouldn’t that suffice? Unfortunately….no. Ya see, light exposure is the key factor influencing […]


Sleep Series Part 1: Stages and Rhythms

By melanieavalon / January 5, 2015

A year or so ago I read¬†Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival,¬†which¬†escorted my¬†laissez-faire¬†attitude of nonchalance towards sleep out the back door. Long gone are the days of college all nighters fueled by Coke Zero and show tunes, adequately overcome via power naps and stances of¬†“I got this.”¬†Today, I place sleep on a pedestal, understanding how […]

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