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The Bottomless Soup Bowl

By melanieavalon / November 7, 2015

When it comes to food and fullness, perception is everything, and environmental cues matter. In¬†a 2005 study¬†conducted by Cornell University professors, 54 participants attended a lunch. Half of the participants ate tomato soup from normal bowls, while the other half unowingly ate from magical self-refilling bowls. No matter how much soup they ate, the bowl […]


Trick Yourself Into Burning More Calories! (The Milkshake Study)

By melanieavalon / August 16, 2015

  Deluding¬†yourself is usually not a good thing… except when it’s a good thing.¬†A 2011 study¬†conducted at Yale,¬†found that¬†perception¬†of calorie intake influences the body’s hormonal and metabolic response to calorie intake.¬†Check out my YouTube Video on the study, or just keep reading! The study administered a 380 calorie milkshake to 46 participants, in two separate […]


Why You Eat Things You Don’t Even Like

By melanieavalon / February 6, 2015

While we may believe we’re in control of what we do each day, an estimated 40-45% of our actions are actually¬†habits.¬†Yep,¬†a large portion¬†of our day runs on an intensely dedicated autopilot, resistant to change. As discussed in Charles Duhigg’s¬†The Power of Habit,¬†habits function in a cue-routine-reward loop. We experience a trigger for our habit (the […]


The “NEAT” Secret: Burn Calories Without Trying!

By melanieavalon / October 1, 2014

Before I cleaned up my diet, I viewed cardio and calories like a quota. But now I have this crazy idea in my head that maybe just living life can be more effective than such madness, if you set things up correctly.¬†These days I’m in much better shape, with no gym in sight! Instead, I […]

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