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The Bottomless Soup Bowl

By melanieavalon / November 7, 2015

When it comes to food and fullness, perception is everything, and environmental cues matter. In¬†a 2005 study¬†conducted by Cornell University professors, 54 participants attended a lunch. Half of the participants ate tomato soup from normal bowls, while the other half unowingly ate from magical self-refilling bowls. No matter how much soup they ate, the bowl […]


Trick Yourself Into Burning More Calories! (The Milkshake Study)

By melanieavalon / August 16, 2015

  Deluding¬†yourself is usually not a good thing… except when it’s a good thing.¬†A 2011 study¬†conducted at Yale,¬†found that¬†perception¬†of calorie intake influences the body’s hormonal and metabolic response to calorie intake.¬†Check out my YouTube Video on the study, or just keep reading! The study administered a 380 calorie milkshake to 46 participants, in two separate […]


Why You Eat Things You Don’t Even Like

By melanieavalon / February 6, 2015

While we may believe we’re in control of what we do each day, an estimated 40-45% of our actions are actually¬†habits.¬†Yep,¬†a large portion¬†of our day runs on an intensely dedicated autopilot, resistant to change. As discussed in Charles Duhigg’s¬†The Power of Habit,¬†habits function in a cue-routine-reward loop. We experience a trigger for our habit (the […]


The “NEAT” Secret: Burn Calories Without Trying!

By melanieavalon / October 1, 2014

Before I cleaned up my diet, I viewed cardio and calories like a quota. But now I have this crazy idea in my head that maybe just living life can be more effective than such madness, if you set things up correctly.¬†These days I’m in much better shape, with no gym in sight! Instead, I […]


Is A Calorie Just A Calorie?

By melanieavalon / August 21, 2014

Is a calorie just a calorie? Depends. Is an apple just an orange? Here are a few fun studies that show “calories in vs. calories out” may not be the whole story when it comes to weight loss or weight gain. I’ll let them speak for themselves. Adding Calories Via Protein A recent 2014 study¬†found […]