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Mother At Work: New Short Film!

By melanieavalon / October 1, 2015

To continue the recent¬†new mother’s theme, I recently had the pleasure of reuniting with the super talented¬†Leena Pendharkar, in her short film¬†Mother At Work¬†for So Natural TV. I first worked with Leena 3 years ago, when I¬†accidentally applied to a casting looking for twins. When I told Leena I was mistaken, and unfortuntatley could provide […]


Confessions of a Hollywood Extra: Yes, You CAN Cry From Misery!

By melanieavalon / June 26, 2015

I’ve never been much of a crier. It takes A LOT to make me cry. In fact, I didn’t believe one could¬†actually, authentically¬†cry from misery… until I did some background “acting.” What follows is not a complaint. I am not complaining, nor even lamenting. I am merely recognizing the humorous irony of being driven to […]


Confessions of a Hollywood Extra

By melanieavalon / March 13, 2015

After reading¬†this article in LA Weekly, I decided to chip in on the whole¬†Hollywood Extra¬†(AKA “Background”)¬†experience, a surreal world where fleeting royalty-esque moments puncture an otherwise constant “moving prop” cattle stigma.¬†I engaged in a steady relationship with the “BG” world for about a year, every day featuring (no pun intended) a different movie, television, or […]


17 Signs You’re An “Actress” In LA

By melanieavalon / September 12, 2014

Ok, time for my first acting-related post. Why 17? I just like the number 17.   1. You are not surprised by ANYTHING anyone asks you to do. (Oh you want me to act possessed? No worries. Oh you want me to have an imaginary conversation? Sure thing. Oh, you want me to die? Got […]