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‚ÄčThe Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #22 - ‚ÄčSiim Land

Siim Land is an author, speaker, high performance coach and biohacker. He creates content about human optimization, nutrition, longevity, and all things biohacking.




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6:15 - Siim's Personal Health History And Path To Autophagy  

8:45 - The Misconceptions Of Autophagy

10:00 - What Is The Metabolism: Anabolism And Catabolism 

12:00 - What Is Autophagy?

13:30 - The Many Types Of Autophagy

15:00 - Turning On And Off Autophagy 

18:45 - Exercise Intensity And Fuel Substrates

20:30 - When Does The Fast Start?

22:20 - Fuel Substrates In The Liver 

23:30  - The Ketogenic, Insulin Resistance, And Glucose

27:20 - Gluconeogensis And "Unnatural" Energy Production Methods 

29:15 - Fuel Substrates For The Brain 

31:15 - Excess Energy Generation And Inflammation

32:30 - Protein Assimilation, MTOR, And Eating Throughout The Day

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40:25 - Can Excess Protein Or MCTs Be Stored As Fat?

43:30 - Metabolism, Thyroid, Calorie Restriction And Longevity

47:10 - Are The Benefits Of Fasting Just Due To CR?

50:45 - The Role Of Antioxidants 

57:00 - NMN

58:00 - How Do Different Types of Protein Affect Autophagy?

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1:01:40 - What Breaks A Fast?

Keto Before 6 (10% Off!) 

1:03:30 - Amino Acids Last In The Bloodstream

Chris Masterjohn And Paul Saladino: The Carnivore Debate: Part 2

1:05:20 - Food Macros And Autophagy

1:10:40 - How To Get Off The Hedonic Treadmill?

Time-restricted eating can overcome the bad effects of faulty genes and unhealthy diet 

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