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Your Big Fat Guide to Fat

By melanieavalon / October 11, 2014

Fat is confusing stuff. We hate it on our body, yet love it in our mouth. In general we don’t think it’s healthy, but now we’re not so sure? We’re told some kinds of fat are “super foods” which save you from every ill known to mankind, while others kill you. (Don’t even THINK about […]


How Fat Got A Bad Rap (Or Why You Choose The Salad Over The Steak)

By melanieavalon / September 2, 2014

How often do I find myself at a restaurant, debating between the prime rib and filet mignon, when my salivations are interrupted by a friend’s lament: “Oh I want the steak but I’ll be good and get the low fat veggie pasta.” Back in my SAD aka: Standard American Diet days, I’d eye my companion with a sort of envy, begrudging […]